ALL Report Exposes How Planned Parenthood is Hooking Kids on Sex
Wednesday STOPP Report - August 17, 2016

Fighting Planned Parenthood--Olympic Style

By Jim Sedlak

It’s the dog days of summer. As temperatures and humidity rise, time seems to pass in slow motion. This August, there is a diversion as the Summer Olympic Games are being held in South America for the first time. Many people have been watching the games, or have at least kept up with medal counts and interesting stories.

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Planned Parenthood and the Zika Virus

We have kept you up-to-date on the ridiculous fight in Congress over the funding for helping fight the Zika virus. You’ll recall that the funding bill is being held up because Planned Parenthood clinics in Puerto Rico will not get funding because they do not qualify.

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David Daleiden Keeps Fighting Planned Parenthood

Last summer, David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress released undercover videos revealing the baby body parts business of Planned Parenthood. The videos caused quite a stir and Planned Parenthood has desperately tried to hide the details of its gruesome business from the general public.

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Planned Parenthood in 2016

Planned Parenthood has not had a good first half of 2016. Although most Planned Parenthood closures are done without fanfare and are discovered during our annual survey of PP locations in November and December, we already know of at least 10 PP facilities that have closed their doors in 2016.

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