ALL Report Exposes How Planned Parenthood is Hooking Kids on Sex

Wednesday STOPP Report - October 10, 2018

Dr. Wen is beginning to learn PP-speak

By Jim Sedlak

Dr. Leana Wen takes over as head of Planned Parenthood Federation of America on November 12. It appears she is beginning to get extensive training on how to speak Planned Parenthood. You see, PPFA has its own language and its own euphemisms. All Planned Parenthood staff—from the new president to the youngest volunteer—are expected to know and use the preferred terminology.

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Planned Parenthood opening in El Paso, TX

Back in March, the Dallas News broke the story, that Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas received an anonymous donation of $9 million to open abortion facilities in “West Texas.” Planned Parenthood stated at the time that the $9 million, along with an additional $1 million donation, would allow them to open two new facilities. Planned Parenthood did not name the cities in which it was interested.

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Fallout for Planned Parenthood from the Kavanaugh Confirmation

Planned Parenthood was hysterical in its consistent efforts to try and stop the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh had been described by some legal scholars as the most qualified candidate ever to be nominated to the Court. Yet, Planned Parenthood was driven by an unrealistic fear that the simple addition of Kavanaugh to the Court would spell the end of its baby-killing business.

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Planned Parenthood's horrible week---loses in California, Tennessee, Missouri, and Washington, DC

The folks at Planned Parenthood run the largest abortion chain in the nation. They operate 32 percent of all the surgical abortion centers and 89 percent of all the medical abortion centers in the nation. That one organization commits 35 percent of all medical and surgical abortions in America.

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