ALL Report Exposes How Planned Parenthood is Hooking Kids on Sex
Wednesday STOPP Report - May 04, 2016

Special Issue

This week, we depart from our normal format to bring you detailed information on what Planned Parenthood is doing in a single state—Iowa—and what PP’s opponents are doing to fight the organization. We offer this, NOT because Planned Parenthood is doing something special in Iowa, but precisely because PP is doing pretty much the same thing in every state.

Jim Sedlak and Jenifer Bowen have worked closely together for many years understanding Planned Parenthood’s actions and developing tactics to thwart its designs. The three articles from Jenifer that we bring you this week are designed to provide inside information on how Planned Parenthood operates.

The first article examines how Planned Parenthood deals with a tremendous loss of facilities. It still finds ways to turn to a willing federal government to get millions of dollars to bolster its sex business. It also illustrates that, in times of dwindling patients, Planned Parenthood always turns to its basic business plan: Teach more sex education programs to get kids involved in a sexual lifestyle so that they will buy birth control (including abortions) from Planned Parenthood.

The second article demonstrates how an alert community can defeat Planned Parenthood’s sex indoctrination efforts.

Finally, the third article shows that, with all of PP’s efforts, babies are being saved and Planned Parenthood facilities are closing in Iowa.

We are happy to give you a look inside fighting Planned Parenthood in Iowa. Please know that, no matter where you live, help in the fight against Planned Parenthood is always available from ALL’s STOPP International. You can contact Jim Sedlak at or call at 540-479-6744.

If you find this Special Issue interesting and want us to focus on a single state more often, please let Jim know.

Floundering Planned Parenthood of the Heartland Attempts to Recover with $5 Million Federal Grant

By Jenifer Bowen

Yes, you read that right. Iowa's Planned Parenthood recently received a $5 million federal bailout as its 16th clinic closes its doors for good. Yes, 16 clinics have closed in Iowa since 2010!

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Stanton, Iowa, Standing Firm against Abortion Goliath, Planned Parenthood

By Jenifer Bowen

In the first article of this WSR, you read about Planned Parenthood of the Heartland’s aggressive grab for children in SW Iowa. Stanton, Iowa, is one of those cities targeted by Planned Parenthood of the Heartland. 

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Planned Parenthood Shuts Down Dubuque, Iowa, Center

We love sharing good news! Dubuque Planned Parenthood has shut down for good!! Webcam    abortions will no longer happen in that community! Rejoice with us, for the lives of preborn children are saved!! 

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