ALL Report Exposes How Planned Parenthood is Hooking Kids on Sex
Wednesday STOPP Report - March 04, 2015

Small demonstration brings big Target victory: No more 'Fifty Shades of Grey' merchandise

How many demonstrators does it take to make Target buckle in Georgetown, Texas, and beyond? “I’m not sure,” says Dr. John Pisciotta. “But apparently seven was adequate on Monday.”

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Planned Parenthood asks: 'Why is it that sex ed isn't a part of the Common Core?'

Planned Parenthood is pulling out all the stops to ensure that its “comprehensive sex education” is required in schools for children beginning in Kindergarten. Planned Parenthood was, in fact, a hidden partner in the writing of the National Sexuality Education Standards put together by the Future of Sex Education coalition, as American Life League has often reported. Those standards are already being put into place in schools in such unlikely places as Lawrence, Kansas. They are also ready to be incorporated quietly into Common Core, when parents have been sufficiently miseducated about them.

So it came as no surprise when Planned Parenthood recently tweeted the question: “Sex is something that is common to most humans, but why is it that #SexEd isn’t a part of the Common Core?” 

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Top 10 reasons to fight Planned Parenthood sex education

This list can help you clearly enunciate why we must take a stand against Planned Parenthood sex instruction.

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San Antonio news station airs investigative report on Planned Parenthood mega abortion center controversy

An investigative report from Rita Diller of American Life League led to national coverage of the controversies surrounding the pending opening of a huge regional abortion center that will target Hispanics across south and west Texas. 

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Armed for Battle: National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week

Be sure to tune in to Jim Sedlak’s Armed for Battle talk show on Radio Maria every Friday at noon Eastern time. This week Jim will be talking with ALL’s Rey Flores about all the exciting developments in this year’s National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week, which is scheduled for April 28 through May 4. Visit the NPLTW website for details about this year’s campaign!

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Victory: 40 Days for Life reports 87 babies saved so far this campaign

A March 2 report from 40 Days for Life national headquarters shows 87 babies’ lives have been spared since the February 18 beginning of the current campaign, including three turnarounds in one day at a St. Louis Planned Parenthood

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