ALL Report Exposes How Planned Parenthood is Hooking Kids on Sex
Wednesday STOPP Report - April 01, 2015

Table 26 reveals key to fighting Planned Parenthood

On March 25, 2015, the Government Accountability Office released a long-awaited report on government funding of six pro-abortion groups, including Planned Parenthood. The full, 54-page GAO report can be found here.

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1000-soul goal for meeting as San Antonio archbishop decries Planned Parenthood abortion expansion

The Church is on the ground in San Antonio, Texas, fighting a major abortion expansion by Planned Parenthood that threatens the predominantly Hispanic population all across South and West Texas. If the effort fails, the abortion giant will stretch its massive tentacles across thousands of square miles of Texas to bring in women from as far as Harlingen, Brownsville, and El Paso to the San Antonio regional location for abortions. 

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Built on lies: The Pill Kills Truth, part 2

In the last edition of the Wednesday STOPP Report, we listed four ways that The Pill Kills Truth. In this installment of our ongoing series, we look at cover-ups regarding blood clots and the resultant heart attacks connected to the pill. We also look at pre-implantation abortions due to the low dose pill—and the lack of warning to women.

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As 40 Days for Life campaign ends, 402 babies scheduled for abortion live!

Shawn Carney, campaign director for 40 Days for Life, shared some truly wonderful news on March 30 as the current nationwide campaign of prayer and fasting ended.

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Wishing you a most blessed Easter season

As Holy Week closes in on the great Easter celebration, we at American Life League pause to wish you and your families a most blessed Easter. We look forward to the resurrection with new hope, knowing that Christ has overcome death. That promise of life eternal gives us all courage in the face of the great evil that we fight day in and day out. May God richly bless you and your families during this Easter season.