Action Alert: ALL releases upgraded video tool to stop Planned Parenthood's pornographic assault on children
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2012-02-29

Even people who already knew a good deal about Planned Parenthood were shocked after viewing our investigative video report, “Hooking Kids on Sex.” It was so effective at showing Planned Parenthood’s depraved, sex-centered agenda that, due to a copyright claim by a former Planned Parenthood intern, the powerful tool in the fight against Planned Parenthood was removed by YouTube after only four days. During the four days it was on YouTube, the video report logged more than 200,000 views. Our upgraded video, “Hooking Kids on Sex II,” can be accessed at this permanent link:

I guarantee you will be steaming mad after seeing this video report exposing Planned Parenthood’s sexual exploitation of children. Let your anger lead you to positive action—action that can stop the child-abusing abortion giant in its tracks. Please follow this link to send a letter to your members of Congress asking them to view our new video and then do everything in their power to defund Planned Parenthood.

If you have already sent a letter inviting your members of Congress to view the video, you should resend it, since our original video report was taken down by YouTube within hours of our posting the letter for members of Congress. It is urgent that elected officials see this video and act immediately to stop all funding to Planned Parenthood.

ALL leadership firmly believes that Planned Parenthood used the copyright claim as a ploy to disrupt the viral explosion of the ALL Report. ALL has posted the new video on private servers in addition to YouTube so that Planned Parenthood cannot create disruptions with unsubstantiated claims. We have also engaged legal counsel, guaranteeing at the outset that the new video will not be taken down without a court order.

The new video report, “Hooking Kids on Sex II,” can be seen on YouTube and also this embeddable permalink on ALL’s private video server. When you recommend it to community leaders and elected officials, use the permanent link.