Urgent call to prayer: Religious freedom at issue today at the Supreme Court
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2012-03-28

Hearings began Monday before the Supreme Court on the issue of religious freedom as it relates to Obamacare. And lest we forget, Planned Parenthood itself is behind some of the most objectionable aspects of Obamacare, including the resultant rule that forces people of faith to pay for abortifacient contraception and sterilization.

STOPP received this urgent request for prayer, passed along from friends of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott:

Next week, Attorney General Abbott will be in for the biggest fight of his life, and of our lives! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, March 26-28, Attorney General Abbot and the attorneys general from 27 other states, will be arguing before the U. S. Supreme Court the legality of Obamacare. . . .

[We] had the opportunity to meet and pray with Attorney General Abbott before he left for Washington, D. C. We promised we would get the word out to our friends to please pray for all the attorneys generals and their staffs who will represent the majority of the American people before the Supreme Court next week.

You are a recipient of our promise to Attorney General Abbott. Please pray for our attorneys general. Pray that God will intercede with our Supreme Court to come up with the correct decision. Then pass this prayer request to everyone you know who will pray for America.

Tuesday news reports indicated it was a very bad day for Obamacare at the Supreme Court, and that the court appears to be poised to throw out the individual mandate by a 5-4 vote. Even though the arguments before the Court may be completed by the time you receive this report, much prayer will be needed until a decision is handed down in June.