Autopsy attributes Tonya Reaves' death to Planned Parenthood abortion
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2012-09-12

Operation Rescue has obtained a copy of the autopsy report on 24-year-old Tonya Reaves, who died recently following the “safe, legal” Planned Parenthood abortion of her 16-week-old preborn baby.

The report concludes that she died as a result of a hemorrhage resulting from cervical dilatation and evacuation due to an intrauterine pregnancy.

According to Operation Rescue, the abortion took place at the Loop Health Center Planned Parenthood, 18 S. Michigan in Chicago. But Planned Parenthood’s Loop Health Center webpage indicates that it provides abortion pill abortions at that location----that in-clinic abortions are committed not at the Loop Health Center but at two other PP locations in Chicago, prompting concern that the facility was not set up for the second trimester surgical abortion perpetrated on Reaves.

Operation Rescue’s analysis of the autopsy report shows:

• She was a healthy woman who was approximately 16 weeks pregnant at the time of her abortion, well into the second trimester.

• She suffered from an incomplete abortion. The medical examiner discovered pieces of placenta still attached to the inside of her womb even after a second abortion done by the hospital to remove fetal remains left by Planned Parenthood.

• She suffered a 3/16 inch uterine perforation near forcep impression marks. D&E abortions involve dismembering the baby in the womb and removing the pieces with forceps.

• She suffered an “extensive” perforation of her broad uterine ligament with a possible severing of her left uterine artery as a result of her abortion. This accounted for the internal bleeding that was discovered only too late by the hospital trauma team.

• There were 1-1.5 liters of blood and clots inside her abdominal cavity. The human body holds roughly five liters of blood. Reaves bled about 30 percent of her total volume of blood into her abdomen, and that does not account for the amount of blood lost through what was likely substantial vaginal bleeding due to the retained fetal remains.

• In a vain attempt to save her life, the hospital trauma team performed an emergency hysterectomy on Reaves.

It is believed that Planned Parenthood’s medical director, Carolyn Hoke, was responsible for Reave’s abortion. Planned Parenthood had agreed one week prior to the botched abortion to pay the state of Illinois $367,000 to settle a Medicaid fraud case against Hoke.

Though legal, Planned Parenthood abortions are not safe. Each and every abortion kills an innocent human being. Incidents of maternal death due to abortion are not rare. Tonya Reaves is a case in point.

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