March for Life in DC
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2017-02-08

At the end of January, STOPP and American Life League joined a half-million people at the March for Life in the nation’s capital. It was a celebration unlike any we have seen in recent years.

More than anything else, there was optimism in the air. And as if to confirm this excitement, the weather—although not perfect—was pretty good this year. No rain, no snow, and temperatures in the 40s—with a wind-chill bringing it down to the lower 30s. It was nothing like the blizzard of 2016 that literally closed down DC for days after the March.

This was, of course, the first march in nine years without a pro-abortion zealot in the White House. Despite some predictions that the crowds might be smaller than usual, the people just kept coming and coming.

The major surprise was an announcement the night before the March that Vice President Mike Pence would speak in person from the stage. And, sure enough, he was there. With an eloquent speech about the sanctity of human lives, Pence made it very clear that he was there because his boss, President Donald Trump, asked him to be there. Thank God! Could we really have a pro-life president?

The day before the March, STOPP’s founder, Jim Sedlak, joined dozens of pro-life leaders at a rally outside the newly opened Planned Parenthood abortion facility in DC located at 1225 4th Street NE. For two hours these leaders addressed the crowd and called on all to continue fighting Planned Parenthood. 

It was an amazing weekend filled with a renewed sense of hope for babies and their mothers.

Watch Jim’s inspiring talk to the crowd here.