Quotes of the Week
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2017-05-03

There are times when the supporters and workers of Planned Parenthood do something amazing. They speak clearly and reveal what they are really thinking.

Planned Parenthood South Texas operates a center in San Antonio, Texas. It has just moved that center from Ashby Place to 920 San Pedro Avenue. The San Pedro building has recently been renovated using the guidelines of the Planned Parenthood Experience. Mara Posada, director of communications at Planned Parenthood South Texas, said the new center is on a larger and busier street and Planned Parenthood owns the building. Then Posada said: “To have a business like this, part of sustainability is to own instead of lease. We purchased the whole building.” Did you catch it? Planned Parenthood knows it is a business, and sometimes its staff even say it publicly.

The second quote this week comes from major Planned Parenthood supporter Melinda Gates. Melinda and her husband run the Gates Foundation, which is a major donor to Planned Parenthood. In a recent CNN opinion piece, Melinda made statements that elicited the following response from me:

Wow! Reading Melinda Gates' statements made me believe I was back in the early 20th century when another so-called champion of the poor, Margaret Sanger, was spouting the same kind of tripe. "Contraceptives are simply one of the best antipoverty initiatives the world has ever seen." And: "Smaller families mean women are better able to work outside the home—and that families are able to devote more resources to the healthcare, nutrition, and education of each of their children, improving the prospects of the workforce of tomorrow." These are code words right out of Sanger's playbook. What she is really saying is that it is okay to kill the children of the poor, through abortifacient contraception, because their lives don't matter. After all, she says, it's children that make families poor. 

Gates' words are a rehash of the Sanger philosophy. I pray that the members of Congress in 2017 will be much smarter than last centuries' congressmen and reject this racist attack on the poor people in the world. The world population pyramid is already upside down. Business leaders and economists will tell you we simply do not have enough children in the world. Let's reject the murderous solutions of the past and let’s bring real help and real hope to the poor and starving of the world. Let’s not tell them the solution is to kill their children in the womb. It is a false solution that leaves families devastated and women hopeless.