The REAL Reason Orlando Planned Parenthood Closed!
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2017-07-12

Planned Parenthood is trying to put a positive spin on the sale and closing of its clinic in Orlando, Florida, and says it is seeking a bigger facility in the area.

However, our friend Rusty Lee Thomas of Operation Save America sent out an e-mail this week explaining the situation and the joy that the closing has caused.

Rusty wrote:

To all the OSA saints who sacrificed their time, resources, and effort to confront the Planned Parenthood death camp, you can rejoice with the saints of Orlando, Florida, for it is no more.

This is what OSA leader Michele Urbain Herzog reported:

All Glory to God Almighty, for HE has done great and mighty things! The PP Tampa Avenue is shutting its doors of death down . . . and make NO mistake, this place was sold due to the financial disaster they were in since the purchase of the PP mega Kissimmee abortuary! We have known since May 15th the property was sold, and have been crying out to God that this plot of ground would NO LONGER harbor a building that unmercifully murders innocent children. . . . Thank You, Jesus!

I thank the Lord for everyone who has faithfully ministered in front of this killing center and for everyone here lately who has been pleading with the Lord to shut this place of death down . . . including the precious children from Jesus Loves the Little Children Day! I especially want to thank those who have remained faithful in being in front of this child killing center weekly—Shirley Jo, Winnie, Amber, Sandra, Chuck—thank you, thank you, thank you. It’s been very hot, and the escorts have tried to stop us, but we plugged forward, not giving up. GLORY!

And if PP tries to open in another location, they better be prepared, because we will contact anyone that does any business with them and expose them!

Thank You, Jesus!

We add our own congratulations to the faithful Christians of Orlando and Praise God for all of the children saved.