Planned Parenthood Twitter Question Gets Surprising Answers
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2017-09-06

Social media is all about engagement. The idea is to ask a question or make a statement and encourage people to comment.

One of these platforms—Twitter—is used extensively by President Trump, often with much success. Planned Parenthood also makes heavy use of Twitter. On August 29 it sent out a tweet specifically designed to spark responses. We don’t know what kind of responses Planned Parenthood expected, but we are pretty sure it wasn’t expecting what it got.

Planned Parenthood’s tweet asked its followers to respond to this: “Fill in the blank: The person I’m going out with can never ________. Tell us your dating dealbreakers.”

The replies came in fast and furious (this is just a small sampling):

“kill babies”

“butcher innocent lives in the womb”

“sell the body parts and organs of the unborn”

“be stupid enough to think that abortion is health care”

“violently end the lives of unborn babies and call it choice” 

“be a cheerleader for infanticide”

“pretend that they don't use federal tax dollars on abortion when the whole world knows that they do"

“defend Margaret Sanger's belief in eugenics”

“profit off of the systematic abuse of women”

You get the idea. The many, many people who oppose Planned Parenthood and its entire agenda are not shy about sharing their opinions on social media.

Fighting Planned Parenthood is not an activity limited to the streets in front of PP facilities, the legislative chambers, or the church pews. This fight needs to permeate our entire society. American people must understand that Planned Parenthood is not welcome in our communities, and the organization needs to hear it often and everywhere.

Congratulations to all who called out Planned Parenthood for its horrible and deadly activities and who did so using the same platform Planned Parenthood wants to claim as its own.

It is in just these situations that we become more convinced than ever that Planned Parenthood is in its final days.