Former Planned Parenthood Workers Tell the Truth
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2017-10-11

Abby Johnson and her team at And Then There Were None continually find ways to expose the inside workings of the abortion industry.

In September, ATTWN released its latest video that featured four former abortion industry workers, including three from Planned Parenthood:

  • Sue Thayer – Former Planned Parenthood abortuary manager in Iowa
  • Monica Leal Cline – Former training manager at Planned Parenthood locations in Texas and New Mexico
  • Annette Lancaster – Former Planned Parenthood abortuary manager in North Carolina

These workers described Planned Parenthood as a business that set sales quotas for everything, including abortion. They also described what passed for adoption counseling, discouraging parental involvement, and the Justice Fund. The Justice Fund is an internal pile of cash to help pay for the abortions of mothers who could not afford to kill their babies.

One of the workers summed up the goal of Planned Parenthood counseling by revealing that, if a woman tested positive for a pregnancy, Planned Parenthood focused on “one agenda”—to “end [the] pregnancy.”

Just as the David Daleiden videos revealed how callous Planned Parenthood employees were in discussing baby body parts, the new short video from ATTWN reveals what goes on in Planned Parenthood facilities every day. You can watch it here.