Answering Planned Parenthood's Propaganda
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2017-11-08

As the battle against Planned Parenthood goes on, its supporters frequently write letters to the editor making claims about Planned Parenthood that are not true.

In this WSR article we provide you with facts to counter Planned Parenthood’s lies. If you have a Planned Parenthood claim you want us to check out, just e-mail it to [email protected] and we will send you a rebuttal as well as print it in an upcoming edition of this report.

Today, we share a number of claims written by Ashley Casale, public affairs manager of Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley.

CLAIM: "Planned Parenthood is a respected and trusted healthcare provider in our community."

TRUTH: Planned Parenthood has seen its support among the American people collapse across the country. Since 1995 it has closed 314 centers because customers have gone elsewhere and the centers were losing money. Nationally, total unique customers have fallen from 3.1 million in 2006 to 2.4 million in 2015—a 23 percent drop. A total of 23 states are trying to take state money away from Planned Parenthood and the US Senate voted 49-51 to take federal funds from PP.

CLAIM: "Under the Hyde Amendment, federal funds may not be used to pay for abortion."

TRUTH: The Hyde Amendment allows federal funds to be used to pay for abortions in case of rape, incest, or threats to the mother’s life. In addition, several Medicaid audits have found that Planned Parenthood charges the federal government for many services used during the abortion process even if it does not charge for the abortion procedure directly. Congress is currently looking at shutting off “abortion bonds” that are used by Planned Parenthood to build abortion facilities with taxpayer money.

CLAIM: "Planned Parenthood does not sell fetal tissue for profit, and never has. A small number of Planned Parenthood health centers allow women to donate fetal tissue for scientific research, which is legal. The anti-abortion activists who created the distorted smear video were charged with felonies for their criminal deception."

TRUTH: Forensic scientists have found no deception or tampering with the CMP videos. In fact, the only firm that claimed such distortions was Fusion GPS, a firm hired by Planned Parenthood that has been involved in several cases of producing inaccurate reports. All charges against the pro-life activists were thrown out in Texas and are being vigorously defended in California. Two congressional committees looked at all the facts and referred several Planned Parenthood affiliates to the US Justice Department for criminal prosecution.

CLAIM: "Only 15 percent of the services we provide at Planned Parenthood Mid-Hudson Valley are abortion-related services."

TRUTH: Even the loss of one innocent baby to abortion is an abomination. Do you think it is a good thing that you only kill babies 15 percent of the time? Where is your conscience?

CLAIM: "The preventative and contraceptive services we provide reduce the numbers of unintended pregnancies and need for abortions."

TRUTH: Over 90 percent of the so-called contraceptives distributed by Planned Parenthood end a human being’s life by preventing implantation—at least some of the time. PP reduces the number of surgical and medical abortions by killing babies in the womb before implantation so that it does not have to call that an abortion.

CLAIM: "A 'kinder, gentler, and less violent nation' would be one in which every woman had the freedom of choice without government intervention, one in which every child was a wanted child, and one in which support systems were institutionalized to care for every child born. At Planned Parenthood, we work hard every day to create that world."

TRUTH: There is nothing “kinder, gentler, and less violent” about tearing a baby limb from limb and ending an innocent life. Most Americans do not want to live in your world. By the way, every child IS wanted—by God!