Virginia Election in Perspective
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2017-11-08

The Commonwealth of Virginia held an off-year election yesterday to elect a new governor.

Virginia elects a governor every six years and the governor can serve only one term, so there is never an incumbent running for that office.

The winner was the pro-abortion, anti-Trump, Democratic candidate. The mainstream media will be writing about this as a defeat for Trump and will tell you that it spells doom for Republicans in 2018. Planned Parenthood will be crowing loudly and taking all kinds of credit for the victory.

I am not a native Virginian, but have lived here with my wife for 20 years. We moved from New York, where seven counties (five in NYC, then Westchester and Albany) decided the outcome of every major statewide election. These days in Virginia it is not uncommon for Northern Virginia and a few Democratic strongholds in the state to do the same.

Right now, Virginia is a Democratic state. The current governor is a Democrat. With yesterday’s election, four of the last five governors are Democrats. Both United States senators are Democrats. This year’s Democratic nominee was a pro-abortion OB/GYN, a graduate of Virginia Military Institute, and the incumbent lieutenant governor who had a great deal of campaign money and ran ads saying that he was outraged that anyone would say he would hurt a child.

Oh, and did I mention that Donald Trump lost Virginia in 2016? Hillary got 49.7 percent of the vote, while Trump got 44.4 percent.

What I am trying to say is that the only shocking aspect of this race would have been if the Republican had won.

Despite what you see on TV or read in the press, the Democratic victory in Virginia was not a referendum on Trump or on the pro-life movement. It was, unfortunately, politics as usual in the Old Dominion.