Planned Parenthood cohort Stericycle fined for illegally dumping aborted babies
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2011-12-07

We recently brought you the news about the campaign to stop Stericyle, the medical waste company that disposes of “medical waste” for some 585 Planned Parenthood facilities across the nation.

In a news release dated December 2, 2011, Michael Marcavage, director of the Campaign to Stop Stericycle, reports that the medical waste giant has been fined over $42,000 for the illegal dumping of aborted babies collected from an abortion facility in Austin.

According to Marcavage, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has released documents showing that Stericycle has been served with papers by the Enforcement Division, which slammed the company with $42,612 in fines for illegally dumping the fetal remains of aborted babies into a municipal landfill. Stericycle has paid $34,090 in a lump sum, and the remainder has been waived contingent upon its future compliance with the law.

Stericycle’s violations were first discovered in April, Marcavage says, after an initial investigation was conducted into Whole Women’s Health in Austin. While Stericycle told the government that its policy is to incinerate fetal remains, it was found that the “waste” service had been autoclaving, or steam treating, the aborted babies, and then dumping their bodies into a municipal solid waste landfill with household and commercial trash, which is unlawful under the Texas Administrative Code. 

STOPP highly encourages active participation in the campaign to stop Stericycle’s relationship with Planned Parenthood’s abortion business. It is another facet in opposing Planned Parenthood at every corner—a strategy that will erode community support and eventually result in the closure of Planned Parenthood facilities.

Visit the Stop Stericycle website at to find out how to get involved.