Wednesday STOPP Report - March 07, 2018

Abortion Causes 25% of All Deaths in United States

By Jim Sedlak

This year’s Academy Awards took place this past Sunday with a show full of political symbolism and the pushing of the progressive agenda.

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Planned Parenthood to Spend $20 Million on Elections in Eight States

Planned Parenthood announced this week that its political arms (Planned Parenthood Votes and Planned Parenthood Action Fund) will spend at least $20 million in just eight states to get its people elected to various governor and US Senate offices.

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The Latest Warning Signs Come from Maryland, but Will Affect Every State

We reported in our last Wednesday STOPP Report that Planned Parenthood issued a press release in February that stated in part: “Today, Planned Parenthood, in conjunction with state lawmakers, advocates, and fellow advocacy groups, unveiled a sweeping plan to push initiatives that expand access to reproductive health care [abortion] in all 50 states.”

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Let Us All Turn to God This Lenten Season

Twice a month you receive the Wednesday STOPP Report—a report filled with the evils that Planned Parenthood perpetrates on our world. You are one of the people standing in the way of Planned Parenthood’s all-out victory.

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