Wednesday STOPP Report - February 07, 2018

Planned Parenthood Planning More Webcam Abortion Sites

By Jim Sedlak

Planned Parenthood runs the largest abortion chain in the United States.

It has 356 facilities that commit surgical or medical abortions. Of those, 190 facilities do only medication (abortion pill) abortions, with 24 of those being webcam abortion sites. Webcam abortions were first established in Iowa by Planned Parenthood of the Heartland. For a webcam abortion, Planned Parenthood has a building, but no abortionist on site. A mother goes into these locations, talks with an abortionist over the Internet, and is then given the two pills needed to murder her child. She takes one pill in the Planned Parenthood office and then takes the second pill at home. If she has any problems at home, she is instructed to go to an emergency room and tell the staff that she is having a miscarriage.

The whole idea of these webcam abortions is financially attractive to Planned Parenthood. The organization gets to offer a high-dollar, child-killing procedure with minimal expense and no worry about taking care of complications.

I mean, after all, after Planned Parenthood gets paid, why would it be concerned about the mother?

According to the Guttmacher website, the webcam procedure is so controversial that 19 states have passed laws essentially outlawing them. The actual laws in those states stipulate that the clinician providing a medication abortion must be physically present during the procedure. This prohibits the use of telemedicine to prescribe medication for abortion remotely.

The 19 states are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. In addition, Iowa also passed such a law, but it is currently being prevented by the courts from going into effect.

With all of this as background, it appears that the lure of extra profits from webcam abortions is something Planned Parenthood just can’t resist. Just this week, Cosmopolitan revealed that Planned Parenthood intends to add 10 more webcam abortion sites to its growing list of abortion facilities.

Although Planned Parenthood has always been at the forefront of killing children in this country, the focus of the organization has varied depending on who was at the helm. Here are the annual abortion numbers at the beginning and end of each of its recent presidents:

Faye Wattleton (14 years): 70,000 to 130,844 . . . an increase of 60,844 annual abortions

Pamela Maraldo (2 years): 134,277 to 139,899 . . . an increase of 5,622 annual abortions

Gloria Feldt (10 years): 153,367 to 264,943 . . . an increase of 111,576 annual abortions

Cecile Richards (12 years): 305,310 to 321,384 . . . an increase of 16,074 annual abortions

These numbers indicate that Cecile Richards was not about increasing Planned Parenthood’s primary operations, including abortion. Instead, Richards was most concerned about building a political empire. As Planned Parenthood’s history is viewed in future years, that will be her legacy.

But what about this week’s announcement? What about Planned Parenthood’s plans to introduce webcam abortions to 10 more of its facilities?

This could be a signal that Planned Parenthood’s board of directors is not happy about the focus of the organization over the last 12 years. PP is tired of losing customers. It is tired of closing facilities. It is tired of having the service numbers of the organization decline in just about every category. Maybe it is just tired of the relentless political battle.

This could be an early signal that the next president of Planned Parenthood will not be a political animal like Richards.

Since I began focusing on Planned Parenthood 33 years ago, this will be the fourth presidential change at Planned Parenthood. Each one had its own significance. Going from Wattleton to Maraldo brought with it a plan to reinvent Planned Parenthood—to make Planned Parenthood into a mainstream healthcare provider. The affiliates rebelled and the experiment was short-lived.

Maraldo was replaced by Gloria Feldt, who was a product of the Planned Parenthood system and believed in the Planned Parenthood mantra—uninhibited sex, birth control (including abortion), and eugenics. As the numbers above indicate, Feldt was the most pro-abortion president of Planned Parenthood, adding over 100,000 abortions a year to Planned Parenthood’s death toll. At the end of her time in office, Feldt led Planned Parenthood into the political realm with PP endorsing a presidential candidate for the first time. Al Gore was the choice—a choice that did not turn out well.

So Feldt was out and Richards was in. PP helped get Obama elected in 2008 and 2012. Then PP dove in even further by choosing to endorse Hillary Clinton in the primaries, as well as in the general elections. We all know how that turned out. Now Richards is on her way out.

The question is, will Planned Parenthood’s board return to its roots as it did with Feldt or will it double down on the political side?

I’m predicting it lets Cecile handle the politics separately and it will focus on trying to recoup its major losses in customers and locations.

Jim Sedlak is executive director of American Life League, founder of STOPP International, and a talk show host on the Radio Maria Network. He has been successfully fighting Planned Parenthood since 1985.

Sinister Revelation: What the Nunes Memo and Planned Parenthood Have in Common

By Cheryl Sullenger

Editor’s note: On February 5, 2018, Operation Rescue released an article by Cheryl Sullenger that we feel will be of interest to our readers. Cheryl’s article is reprinted below with her permission.

After much anticipation, the Nunes FISA memo was released on Friday that clearly showed that high-ranking officials within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ) misused a so-called “Russian Dossier” that they knew had no credibility to obtain a warrant to spy on an associate of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign and during Trump’s initial days as a sitting president.

The anti-Trump elements within the FBI and DOJ also withheld crucial information from the secret FISC court, including the fact that the spurious dossier was funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Also withheld from the court were connections between the shadowy organization that produced the fake dossier and an associate deputy attorney general who was working on the investigation into Trump.

The source of that dossier was a company called Fusion GPS.

Pro-life supporters are familiar with that business. It was hired by Planned Parenthood in 2015 to perform a “forensic analysis” on the undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, which showed evidence that Planned Parenthood was involved in the illegal trafficking of aborted baby remains and other crimes. That “analysis” stated that the recordings had been deceptively edited and were not reliable as evidence in court.

It turned out that the Fusion GPS “forensic analysis” was as phony as the fake Trump Russian Dossier.

But further investigation revealed that Fusion GPS had no experience in forensic video analysis. It was in fact an “opposition research” firm that specialized in political dirty tricks, especially against Republicans.

Operation Rescue first wrote about Fusion GPS on August 28, 2015, stating: Fusion GPS is a Democratic opposition research firm that, according to the Weekly Standard, “has a history of harassing socially conservative Republican donors, possibly on behalf of the Obama campaign. In fact, Fusion GPS admitted in its ‘report’ that it ‘conducted preliminary research into the CMP organization and its personnel.’”

So, it appears that Fusion GPS was hired by Planned Parenthood not only to produce a phony analysis to discredit the incriminating recordings, but also to dig up dirt on the CMP “and its personnel,” which included at that time Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, who served on the founding board of the CMP.

Meanwhile, Coalfire Systems, Inc.—an actual expert in video forensic analysis—issued a credible report after examining the recordings at the behest of the public interest law firm Alliance Defending Freedom. This report verified that the full length undercover recordings were not altered, except for minor edits to remove bathroom breaks, rides in elevators where no conversation took place, and the like. The recordings were found to accurately depict the conversations without alterations.

However, when the National Abortion Federation, and later Planned Parenthood, sued the CMP and its members, including Troy Newman, in federal court, they submitted the phony Fusion GPS report as evidence that the recordings lacked veracity.

Federal Judge William Orrick, relying on a record that included the fake Fusion GPS analysis, then ruled that he found no evidence of any crimes within the undercover recordings. Orrick then issued a gag order that prevented the further release of undercover recordings even to members of law enforcement.

That gag order, which sprang from a poisoned well tainted by a fake Fusion GPS report, is now being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court for hearing. The American Center for Law and Justice, which represents Newman in the NAF and Planned Parenthood cases, filed a petition for a Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court requesting that the gag order be overturned so evidence can be released to law enforcement, including 27 state attorneys general, who have sought the evidence for their own investigations into Planned Parenthood’s alleged criminality. [Fusion GPS is mentioned on pg. 89 of petition.]

Now here is where things get especially interesting.

Planned Parenthood’s use of the phony Fusion GPS analysis to provide friendly media with the basis to attack the recordings was so successful that a similar plan was used by Fusion GPS, the DNC, the Clinton Campaign, and the FBI/DOJ to promote the fake Russian Dossier in attacks in the media and in the secret FISA courts against Donald Trump.

Cecile Richards was very close to Hillary Clinton, for whom she spent much time stumping during the 2016 presidential campaign. She was also close to former president Barack Obama, and was a regular guest at the Obama White House, having visited there 39 times from 2009 through July 2015.

It’s no secret that Richards feared a Trump presidency. After all, her organization had been referred to the Department of Justice for criminal investigation and prosecution by both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives.

As long as Clinton won the 2016 presidential election, Richards could rest assured that no investigations of Planned Parenthood would be forthcoming. However, under a Trump administration, Richard’s monolithic abortion organization would be placed in jeopardy, along with billions in government funding.

In fact, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced that Planned Parenthood is indeed currently under criminal investigation by the FBI and the DOJ (hopefully not by those involved with the dubious Trump Russian investigation).

As news that the Nunes memo was soon to be released—a memo that was purported to implicate those involved with the Fusion GPS fake Russian dossier—Richards suddenly tendered her resignation as CEO of Planned Parenthood on January 24, 2018.

Could it be that Richards has closer ties to those implicated in the Nunes memo for using the fake Russian Dossier to illegally obtain FISA warrants in order to spy on the Trump administration? What if Richards recommended Fusion GPS to Clinton Campaign/DNC because she knew from firsthand experience that organization could fake a dossier against Trump to discredit him and influence the election? Would that qualify as a conspiracy?

Richards obviously had a vested interest to see that Trump was defeated by any means or removed once elected.

It seems that Richard’s sudden resignation and the Nunes memo may have more in common than anyone thought. The FISA warrant scandal and the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal seem to share many working parts.

Now, the investigations into the Clinton/DNC/DOJ/FBI corruption scandal take on new meaning for those who work every day to end abortion.

Cheryl Sullenger is senior policy advisor to Operation Rescue. She conducts original research on abortionists around the nation. Her work has been instrumental in closing abortion clinics, launching investigations, and bringing disciplinary action against abortionists. Sullenger’s most recent book, coauthored with Troy Newman, is entitled Abortion Free (WND Books). 

Planned Parenthood Sex Programs

Planned Parenthood is always trying to push its agenda through offensive sex indoctrination programs. This year is no exception.

In Virginia, Planned Parenthood is pushing HB 159. The bill “requires each local school board to implement a comprehensive, sequential family life education curriculum in grades kindergarten through 12 that is consistent with the family life education Standards of Learning or curriculum guidelines developed by the board of education and removes from such standards and guidelines the requirement for instruction in the benefits, challenges, responsibilities, and value of marriage for men, women, children, and communities; abstinence education; the value of postponing sexual activity; and the benefits of adoption as a positive choice in the event of an unwanted pregnancy.”

Make sure you read that carefully. All those good things in the last four lines are things the bill will REMOVE from the curriculum. Incredible!

Right now, Virginia has a Democratic majority in its legislature and a governor who is in lock-step with the Planned Parenthood agenda. Clearly, Planned Parenthood sees Virginia as a place where it can push its most outrageous dreams with at least a little hope that they may come true.

Fortunately, there are states around the country that are pushing back against the Planned Parenthood agenda. For example, the state Senate in Indiana passed a bill this week that would require schools to obtain written permission from parents or guardians before teaching students about human sexuality, including “sexual activity, sexual orientation or gender identity.”

Planned Parenthood uses sex programs in schools to get kids hooked on a sexual lifestyle to drive business to its facilities. It is the first step in its business plan. It is also threatening to the immortal souls of the children. As St. Paul tells us: “Avoid immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the immoral person sins against his own body.” (1 Corinthians 6:18)

This year, in particular, please be extra vigilant regarding what is happening in your state legislature and in your schools. Because of the major loss in customers suffered by Planned Parenthood over the last decade, we expect it will be doing everything it can to mandate offensive school programs.

Your children are relying on you.

Four Babies Saved in Three Days at Planned Parenthood in Waco

We are elated to bring you exciting news from Waco, Texas.

Planned Parenthood recently began doing abortions at its new facility in Waco. The abortuary is situated to attract mothers from all over Central Texas to come and have their babies murdered.

Pro-Life Waco has been fighting Planned Parenthood for decades and successfully closed down Planned Parenthood’s previous abortuary in town. But now PP is back to doing abortions three days a week, every other week.

John Pisciotta, a good friend, sent us a report last week that read:

Last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, January 24/25/26, were abortion days in Waco. This was also the first set of days that CareNet Pregnancy Center of Central Texas was positioned on site across the street from Planned Parenthood with its big beautiful purple sonogram bus. (That's the name I've given it.)

On Wednesday, an abortion-minded mom left Planned Parenthood for CareNet counseling and decided on life for her baby. On Thursday, an abortion-minded mom left Planned Parenthood for CareNet counseling and decided on life for her baby. On Friday, TWO abortion-minded moms left Planned Parenthood for CareNet counseling and decided on life for their babies. Glory be to God. And praise and appreciation to CareNet. Life and eternity were changed for four families.

The joint efforts of Pro-Life Waco—an American Life League Associate group—and CareNet, along with God’s intervention, saved lives. We must continually remind ourselves that the pro-life presence in the streets outside of Planned Parenthood facilities saves lives.

Congratulations to the pro-lifers working together in Waco and all across the country. It is our persistence and our reliance on prayer and action that will make a difference in the lives of so many children and their parents and grandparents.