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This information-packed weekly e-newsletter is the voice of STOPP, American Life League’s project that exposes the true nature of Planned Parenthood and documents its anti-life, anti-family programs. The Wednesday STOPP Report also spells out what dedicated grassroots pro-lifers can do to counter Planned Parenthood. Wednesday STOPP Report subscribers also receive special e-mail updates offering an in-depth look at timely pro-life issues.

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  • Two California Planned Parenthood affiliates receive 83 percent of funding from taxpayers
  • Jim Sedlak and Michael Hichborn to discuss the synod on 'Armed for Battle'
  • Bringing Jesus to PP through Mary: Missionary Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Chandler, Arizona
  • AMEN's unstoppable surge to stop Planned Parenthood in Yuma
  • Catholic schools challenging one another to close Planned Parenthood with prayerful presence
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  • Outrageous: University of New Mexico teaches threesome sex; two teachers in Louisiana act out with 16-year-old student
  • Planned Parenthood now operates over half of Texas abortion facilities following massive closures
  • Jim Sedlak and guests will arm you for battle against Planned Parenthood and the culture of death
  • STOPP's Rita Diller to speak in Yuma, Arizona
  • The Church is bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary in Conroe, Texas
  • Pro-Life Waco sees end of PP abortion licensing after 20-year fight
  • 'Wednesday STOPP Report' schedule
  • The signs are all around us: Planned Parenthood is preparing to shut down more facilities
  • Planned Parenthood celebrates prospect of training future abortionists at southern college
  • But what exactly did Miss America do when she interned with Planned Parenthood?
  • Mass grave for babies: 16,433 children in one grave
  • Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary: Bishop Smith celebrates Mass for Portland/Beaverton 40 Days for Life
  • 'Wednesday STOPP Report' schedule
  • Declaring Planned Parenthood an enemy of the Church: What it means for Planned Parenthood personnel
  • That's messed up: The recipe for this election cycle's birth control soup-sandwich that set Planned Parenthood backtracking
  • Reminder: National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children just around the corner
  • Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary: 40 Days for Life about to begin
  • Medical board psychiatrist: Abortionist Prohaska mentally impaired, unsafe to practice medicine
  • 'Wednesday STOPP Report' Schedule
  • Representative McDermott: Students were used as guinea pigs in sex instruction program
  • International Planned Parenthood increased abortions 24 percent in 2013; Africa is chief target
  • ACTION ALERT: Think taxpayer money doesn't pay for abortion? Here is a list of 15 states where Medicaid funds abortions
  • Iowa court validates medical board decision to stop telemed abortions; reporter describes process as 'induced miscarriage'
  • Planned Parenthood director resigns after offending black radical feminists as PP fights off 'friendly fire'
  • Planned Parenthood exec says only rich white women have had access to abortion
  • One of last locally run single-center Planned Parenthood affiliates swallowed up by centralized PP abortion conglomerate
  • Life Chain heckler propositions Texas pro-life leader for gay sex
  • Join National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children
  • Hollister Planned Parenthood closing without explanation
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