Wednesday STOPP Report - January 13, 2021

One-year anniversary of PPGNY

By Jim Sedlak

In the first week of January 2020, Planned Parenthood in New York State made a big announcement of a major merger and consolidation of five of its nine affiliates in the state. The announcement led with the exciting news:

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Planned Parenthood clinics decline for 18th straight year

Planned Parenthood tries to make people believe that its primary mission is to serve millions and millions of individuals providing needed health care. Its actual purpose to be an instrument of population control and to use its physical facilities as a means of murdering people. We always remind those who question that statement that when Dr. Alan Guttmacher was president of the organization (1962-1974) it was called Planned Parenthood—World Population.

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The effects of the Marian Blue Wave

2020 has been the first full year of the Marian Blue Wave. The results have been fantastic!

  • Over 250,000 Rosaries were said for the MBW intentions (see below).
  • More Planned Parenthood locations closed in the past year than in the last three years.

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