Wednesday STOPP Report - June 16, 2021

The fight against Planned Parenthood in California going strong

By Jim Sedlak

The state of California is under constant attack by Planned Parenthood. A few weeks ago, the organization opened a new abortion center in Oxnard. It is the 108th Planned Parenthood center in the state. To put that number in perspective, one out of every five centers operated by Planned Parenthood in the United States is in California. No other state comes close. New York has 47 PP centers and ranks second, while Washington ranks third with 33 PP centers.

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Planned Parenthood-center status

STOPP has been documenting for years the tremendous decline in the number of Planned Parenthood physical centers in the United States. In 1992, Planned Parenthood had 922 centers and publicly announced a goal of having 2,000 centers by the year 2000. Due to the great work of anti-Planned Parenthood activists all across the country, PP did not make its goal of 2,000. In fact, it never made it to 1,000. The highest number of centers Planned Parenthood ever had was 938 at the end of 1995!

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The fight against Planned Parenthood in Chattanooga, Tennessee, continues

Three months ago, the community in Chattanooga was rocked when Planned Parenthood of Tennessee and North Mississippi placed a local advertisement looking to hire two full-time employees—one a community organizer and the other a health educator.

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