Wednesday STOPP Report - January 19, 2022

Remembering Jim Sedlak (1943-2022)

There is not a single person who would not, when writing about Jim Sedlak’s motivations in fighting Planned Parenthood, instantly encounter his deep love and devotion to the Blessed Mother.

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Deep in the Heart of Texas

Texas’ attorney general, Ken Paxton, has sued Planned Parenthood Federation of America and several of its locations in Texas in an effort to recoup ten million dollars in payments made by the state’s Medicaid program. According to the January 13 press release: “The lawsuit states that the Planned Parenthood entities knew they were not entitled to retain the payments but have failed to repay them as program rules require.” 

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The Abortion Pill

The use of chemical abortion has continued to rise due in part to the existence of COVID and the convenience of using telemedicine as a way to end the life of a preborn child. Operation Rescue has kept a close eye on this, and in its report The Status of American Abortion Facilities: Telemedicine’s Impact in 2021, it stated that the 

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Bad News Shorts

Tennessee: Planned Parenthood recently experienced an alleged arson attempt at one of its centers that was closed for renovations. While veiled finger-pointing swirled in the air, including a comment by Vanderbilt’s Margaret Cuninggim Women’s Center director Rory Dicker that the fire “unfortunately reflects many people’s attitudes about abortion in Tennessee,” the facts thus far suggest to us that perhaps those who earn their profit margins over the bodies of the babies have little to no conscience in other matters as well. Hopefully a full investigation will lead to honest answers. 

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Good News Shorts

Minnesota: Students from Chesterton Academy in Hopkins regularly get into several vehicles and SUVs, head 15 miles to St. Paul, and pray a Rosary in front of Planned Parenthood. They are members of the self-described “pro-life generation.” These Crusaders for Life, as they call themselves, are sorrowful about the babies being aborted inside Planned Parenthood but at the same time joyful to be honoring those babies by making their voices heard in a united effort.

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Wisdom from Jim Sedlak, founder of Stop Planned Parenthood International (1943-2022)

“When people ask why we oppose Planned Parenthood, we tell them that it is because PP is only concerned with sex education, birth control, and abortion. It targets our children and comes between parents and their children. And it does it all with our tax money.”