Wednesday STOPP Report - July 10, 2019

Planned Parenthood Steals Souls

By Jim Sedlak

A great deal of emphasis is placed on Planned Parenthood’s abortion business. The organization operates the largest abortion chain in the nation. It owns over 51 percent of the nation’s abortion facilities, kills over 300,000 preborn human beings every year, and has ended the lives of over 8,000,000 babies in its own facilities.

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Planned Parenthood sex indoctrination running rampant in California

The Daily Caller broke a story this past weekend about the mandated sexuality education program in California and how Planned Parenthood and the American Civil Liberties Union are working together to subvert parents’ rights and harm our children. The article, ACLU Told CA Teachers To Help Students Obtain Abortions Without Parental Notification, Video Reveals, documents with undercover videos what is going on behind the scenes in California.

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Planned Parenthood closing/moving Fayetteville, AR, abortion facility

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported this week that Planned Parenthood Great Plains will be closing its current Fayetteville (AR) abortion facility at the end of this month. Brandon Hill, chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood Great Plains, reportedly cited "increasing problems with our landlord." Although Planned Parenthood is claiming it was the one who decided against renewing the lease, local pro-lifers in Fayetteville tell STOPP that the landlord is happy to see them go. The current lease expires at the end of this month. 

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Fighting Planned Parenthood in Utah

As we identified in our 2018 Planned Parenthood Facilities Report, the Planned Parenthood Association of Utah currently operates eight clinics in the state. One of those clinics, the Metro Health Center in Salt Lake City, commits Medication and Surgical abortions. The other seven distribute abortifacient birth control products and refer to the Metro center for abortions. Utah state statistics show that there are 2,900 to 3,000 abortions a year in the state. Pro-lifers estimate that about 2,000 of these abortions are done at the Planned Parenthood Metro facility.

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