Planned Parenthood whistleblower lawsuit claims $5.7 million in Medicaid fraud
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Abby Johnson, former director of the Planned Parenthood facility in Bryan/College Station, Texas, has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against her former employer. She alleges a “pernicious and persistent” pattern of Medicaid fraud. The lawsuit was filed in December of 2011 and unsealed by a federal judge March 9, 2012.

Abby says in the suit that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast (now Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas) filed at least 87,075 fraudulent Medicaid claims and collected in excess of $5.7 million from Medicaid via the Women’s Health Program to reimburse services which were never performed or which are not covered by Medicaid. In fact, she alleges in the lawsuit that approximately 40 percent of the claims submitted by PP Gulf Coast for reimbursement from the Texas WHP program over a two-year period were “false, fraudulent and/or ineligible for reimbursement.”

The lawsuit also alleges that members of PP’s Key Management Team pressured Abby and other PP center directors to increase billing to the Women’s Health Program (WHP), and threatened her continued employment if billing was not increased. PP staff members were instructed, she says, to make false entries in patient charts. The staff member who made the fraudulent chart entry would notify a PP Gulf Coast employee of the entry. That employee would expand on the false entries before billing WHP for reimbursement.

Other Planned Parenthood employees who have filed whistleblower suits against the abortion giant include Victor Gonzalez and Karen Reynolds. The Gonzalez suit was filed in 2008 against PP Affiliates of California, and the Reynolds case was filed last year against Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.

Jill Stanek reported on Tuesday that since the story of Abby’s lawsuit was announced last week, five former PP employees have contacted her to say they, too, may have unknowingly been involved in defrauding the government. Four of the employees worked in states other than California and Texas. All have been referred to legal counsel for follow-up. All are potential whistleblowers.

As Abby has said before, former Planned Parenthood employees know its dirty little secrets. They will play a central role in bringing the abortion giant down. When you are out at Planned Parenthood praying, be sure you befriend the employees. It’s the charitable thing to do—and you never know what God has in store.