Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary: PP swimming upstream to open facilities where it is not wanted
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The Victorville Daily Press reports that Planned Parenthood is negotiating for office space in Victorville, CA. The abortion giant claims it has no immediate plans to commit abortions there.

According to the news report, Mayor Ryan McEachron is not buying that story, and he has said he will do everything he can to stop Planned Parenthood from coming into the community. “I don’t believe them for a second,” he is quoted as saying. He pointed out that the building for which Planned Parenthood is negotiating is a whopping 10,213 square feet. “I am 100 percent against it and I will fight it even if it costs me personally,” he said. Kudos to the mayor for his strong stand against the evil abortion giant.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, Planned Parenthood has given up on opening a facility in Auburn Hills, where it faced staunch opposition, and has instead announced its intention to open in Ferndale. It will open on April 2 and start seeing clients on April 4. Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan CEO Lori Lamerand made much of the welcome city officials have purportedly extended to the abortion giant, saying, “It feels like coming home.”

Don’t get too comfortable, Lori. Pro-life activists in Ferndale know what you are up to and are anything but glad you are moving your abortion business there. You can expect to see them on a regular basis, bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary and offering real help to women in need while exposing your dark underside. And through the special graces given Mary by God, she will shut Planned Parenthood down. A word to Lori and other Planned Parenthood CEOs: You can run from Our Lady, but you can’t hide. Your days of killing babies and destroying the innocence of children are numbered. You may have managed to sneak into the community, but your presence will not go unnoticed. Listen to your conscience and embrace the help that Our Lady offers you to get out of the abortion industry!