YWCA's entanglement with Planned Parenthood
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The Hudson Valley New York Times Herald Record ran an extremely inflammatory, factually bereft column on May 14, penned by YWCA’s Danielle Marse-Kapr, proclaiming the allegiance of YWCA to Planned Parenthood and its radical abortion agenda, and declaring that YWCA is mobilizing voters “to get to the polls in November to ensure that anti-choice politics does not decide the future of our reproductive rights.” Marse-Kapr is the “gender equity coordinator” for YWCA of Orange County.

The article, entitled “My View: YWCA mobilizing young women in reproductive-rights fight” was also published on YWCA’s national website.

In her column, Marse-Kapr recounts how, in 2011, she joined the “Stand Up for Women’s Health” rally “to protest the defunding of Planned Parenthood” as the legislators on Capitol Hill debated Obamacare. She was protesting PP defunding with “a group of YWCA advocates under 30,” while in D.C. for the YWCA national conference.

She goes on to say:

As staff of the YWCA, an organization that functions as both a social service and a social justice agency, we are very familiar with the lives of women who need the affordable care that Planned Parenthood offers. Furthermore, we have all personally accessed Planned Parenthood for health care and reliable health-care information.

By the end of the week, though we were relieved that Planned Parenthood had not been defunded, the narrow 58-42 vote was an ominous foreshadowing of what was to unfold over the next 12 months—a brutal assault on women’s reproductive rights.

A year later, the struggle has only intensified. Legislators are sponsoring bills that: require women to undergo medically unnecessary procedures before terminating a pregnancy, claim that fetuses have “personhood,” and dictate that life begins before conception, among others.

The “unnecessary procedure before terminating a pregnancy” that she refers to is a sonogram. Planned Parenthood has admitted that its internal policy requires a sonogram be performed prior to abortion to determine gestational age. Yet Planned Parenthood and its allies continue to deceive the public by saying the legislature is perpetrating an unnecessary procedure when promoting legislation enabling a woman to see the sonogram of her child before assenting to his or her death.

In addition to voicing opposition to defunding Planned Parenthood, the YWCA official uses Planned Parenthood’s deceptive talking points, claiming that political leaders are asserting that “the Catholic Church should be given power to dictate the health care women receive,” as she shows no shame in making an overstated, underhanded attempt to give the Catholic Church a black eye for standing its ground and refusing to lay down its religious freedom at the door of Planned Parenthood and the Obama administration.

She rears her radical feminist head and howls that this generation of young women “will not be shamed out of protecting their reproductive rights. Generations of feminists before us taught us to be thick-skinned when powerful men call us prostitutes for demanding basic human rights.”

If you are unaware of the YWCA’s position on Planned Parenthood’s agenda, read the defense of Marse-Kapr’s column it recently posted on its website.