Dallas pro-lifers explain Texas’ Planned Parenthood defunding on public television
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In April of this year, Dallas Catholic Pro-Life Committee head Karen Garnett participated in a videotaped panel discussion with Kenneth Lembrecht, CEO of Planned Parenthood of North Texas. Also participating were Dianne Edmondson, executive director of the Republican National Coalition for Life, and Stephen McKernan, DO, who runs a federally qualified health center (FQHC) in Texas. The program aired June 25. The discussion centered around Texas’ defunding of Planned Parenthood and its impact on women’s healthcare.

Edmondson and Garnett did a superb job of exposing the lies of Planned Parenthood, while Lambrecht continually repeated all the canned messaging of PP, patting himself on the back for running “the most trusted provider of healthcare services” and saying that women will be deprived of healthcare if Planned Parenthood ceases to be funded.

The pro-life women took advantage of the opportunity to get lots of important information to the public about the abortion giant. Edmonson explained how defunding Planned Parenthood gives economically disadvantaged women a chance to get a full range of healthcare at non-PP facilities, rather than just abortion and the very limited offerings of Planned Parenthood. She pointed out that women can actually see a physician and get comprehensive healthcare at one of 2400 federally qualified health center service sites in Texas, as opposed to limiting them to very narrow offerings provided at the 44 Planned Parenthood facilities in the state. Women never see a physician at Planned Parenthood, she pointed out, unless it is just prior to an abortion.

She also said that Planned Parenthood bills out 43 percent more per client than non-Planned Parenthood providers, so eliminating funding to Planned Parenthood represents a huge savings to the taxpayer.

Lambrecht indicted his own organization, saying that Texas has the third highest rate of cervical cancer and fourth highest rate of teen pregnancy in the nation, all the while boasting that Planned Parenthood is the “largest provider of women’s healthcare” in the state.

Despite being repeatedly interrupted by the host of the show, Garnett was able to point out that every Planned Parenthood facility feeds the abortion business, and that the contraceptives being given to women by Planned Parenthood are Class 1 carcinogens, resulting in an increase in the rate of cancer. She said that even though women have had broad access to contraception for decades, 52 million children have been aborted.

Kudos to Karen Garnett and Dianne Edmondson for so capably bringing the fight to Planned Parenthood, and for continuing to keep pressure on the abortion giant! You can listen to the 28-minute show and chime in with your comments here.