Planned Parenthood behind two-child 'Reproductive Health' bill in Philippines
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Some 9,000 Filipino Catholics braved drenching rains on Saturday, July 28, to protest and pray against the ‘Reproductive Health’ legislation. The legislation is the result of years of Planned Parenthood’s insidious work in the Philippines.

LifeSiteNews reports that thousands converged on a Marian shrine in Manila to pray and protest against HB 4244, which follows Planned Parenthood’s carefully laid plan for the predominantly Catholic residents of the Philippines.

As we recently reported, Planned Parenthood and its cronies have been working for over a decade toward enactment of the “Reproductive Health” (RH) bill, which provides for the universal distribution of all methods of birth control, including abortifacient pills, injections, and IUDs. Section 20 of the bill, entitled Ideal Family Size, says the state will “encourage [couples] to have two children as the ideal family size,” while saying that is neither mandatory nor compulsory.

Though Planned Parenthood and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) have been pushing their agenda in the Philippines for more than a decade, the current president, Benigno Aquino III, is the first president of the Philippines willing to set his Catholic faith aside and embrace the bill, signaling dire danger for the people of the Philippines, with pro-abortion forces predicting legalized abortion there in less than three years.

Using foreign funding as leverage, the UNFPA had delivered $26 million to advance its agenda in the Philippines as of October 2008.

The bill follows International Planned Parenthood Federation’s game plan set out in its declaration of sexual rights, touting “freedom of choice” as a right fully guaranteed by the state, touting gender equality and gender equity, requiring mandatory sex education for children in fifth grade and up, and imposing heavy fines on those who refuse to distribute contraception or participate in sterilizations. In an attempt to silence all opposition, the bill also provides jail time and fines for those who give “malicious disinformation” about it.

“In other words, the RH Bill is a complete package designed to integrate the anti-life mentality into the fabric of the nation. It is plainly a ‘lethal injection’ to the soul of the Philippines, as the European experience has shown us,” said Dr. Brian Clowes, director of research and training for Human Life International.

The legislation, titled “An Act Providing for a National Policy on Reproductive Health, Responsible Parenthood and Population Development, and for Other Purposes,” calls for up to six months of imprisonment and heavy fines for anyone who openly challenges the law and tries to inform others of the dangers of contraception and abortion. Eileen Macapanas Cosby, president of the Filipino Family Fund, explained, “International Planned Parenthood has sold false presuppositions that access to contraception will alleviate poverty and decrease the number of abortions. Many who do not have an understanding of Catholic social teachings have bought this. Precisely because the country is Catholic, [Planned Parenthood] has targeted the Philippines.”

The Philippines is now threatened by legislation that could enact a policy very similar to China’s one-child policy and would result in the deaths of many children through abortion and contraception. Watch Human Life International’s documentary on the harm the bill poses to the people of the Philippines, and lift the people of the Philippines up in prayer as they struggle to maintain their religious freedom under increasing pressure from Planned Parenthood and its cohorts.