Planned Parenthood sidestepped calling 911 in abortion death
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In the wake of the death of 24-year-old Tonya Reaves, who bled to death following a Planned Parenthood abortion in Chicago, Operation Rescue has uncovered the fact that PP personnel delayed arrival of emergency medical help by intentionally dialing 311, rather than 911.

The 311 number that Planned Parenthood called is used mainly for obtaining information on city-related events and non-emergency matters. Planned Parenthood personnel called 311, apparently to sidestep an easily discoverable 911 call, which resulted in delaying the emergency services needed by the young mother who lay bleeding for more than five hours prior to her death.

The transcript of the phone conversation shows the Planned Parenthood employee laughing as she attempts to explain why she called 311 rather than 911:

Dispatcher: Okay, and once you called - you see, next time you need a police car to come out for any reason whatsoever, you need to call 911.
Caller: Right. Okay. I just -
Dispatcher: That way you don’t waste time with 311.
Caller: I know, I know, I just (laugh) I just hate to use services to make, you know -
Dispatcher: I know. Well, they don’t dispatch police cars. All they do is transfer you to 911.
Caller: Gotcha.
Dispatcher: So you’re waiting in that queue and then they flip you over to our office.
Caller: Right.
Dispatcher: Now I don’t have any of your information. So, what is your telephone number?

Earlier in the day, the same Planned Parenthood facility had called 911 to report a mother assaulting her daughter at the facility. Yet, a woman hemorrhaging to death from a second trimester abortion did not merit an emergency call. So, who is really waging a war on women? The facts are clear: The war on women emanates from Planned Parenthood facilities and continues day in and day out, where innocent children—and sometimes their mothers—are killed in the name of women’s health and reproductive freedom.