Court: Texas can withhold money from Planned Parenthood
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A ruling just in from the Fifth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals says Texas can withhold funds from Planned Parenthood, pending the outcome of an October trial over a state law that bans organizations that perform or promote abortion as a method of family planning from the Medicaid Women’s Health Program.

Quoting a press release from Texas Alliance for Life:

The case [to be tried in October], Planned Parenthood v. Suehs, involves the nine state Planned Parenthood organizations, all of whom advocate for abortion as a method of family planning, suing the state to prevent being excluded as providers. At stake is an estimated 17 million tax dollars per year for Planned Parenthood.

The court’s opinion allowing temporary withholding of funds to Planned Parenthood is here.

“We are hopeful the court will ultimately uphold the provisions of our state law that protect low-income women from tax-funded abortion advocacy in the name of healthcare,” said Joe Pojman, head of Texas Alliance for Life. “We do not believe that abortion, promoted as a method of family planning, is ever good healthcare.”

STOPP joins Texas Alliance for Life in applauding the federal court’s decision to allow Texas to withhold tax dollars from Planned Parenthood. Kudos to all those Texans who continue to work so diligently to defund the abortion giant.