UT Houston’s PP curriculum: Groping, shirt lifting video on tap for 8th graders
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From its “Expert’s Corner I”, the It’s Your Game curriculum developed by UT Houston and Planned Parenthood advises middle school kids to use condoms when having oral, anal, and vaginal sex. There is a game where children are prompted to choose the steps in putting on a condom—choosing from a number of drawings of erect penises in various stages of being sheathed. Then, a video is presented that shows two very young students ducking into another student’s house to have sex while the parents are gone. The video shows the couple kissing on the couch, with the young man groping the girl and pulling up her shirt. All this is in addition to the previously reported outrageous materials presented to young children via It’s Your Game.

How does this help kids remain abstinent? It doesn’t.

What does it do? It legitimizes, in the minds of the students, having sex at their tender age, since the lessons are coming from the school and the teachers. It chips away at their natural sense of modesty until, through repetitious lessons, the conscience becomes numb and is easily cast aside. It makes the students believe that with all their new knowledge about condoms, contraception, and “respect,” they are ready for sex. It encourages more sexual experimentation to the point that students become preoccupied with sex. It undermines parental teaching to wait until marriage for sex. It lowers the bar to the most banal level. The program paints pregnancy as the worst thing that could happen to a person, laying the groundwork for abortion as a given when the contraceptives it pushes fail.

Studies have shown over and over that parents want their children to remain abstinent until marriage. So how does the curriculum deal with abstinence so it can claim it is an abstinence-promoting program? Conflicting messages, of course. From talking about how to respect the wishes of others, the program devolves into plain and simple sex indoctrination.

The sex ed program developed in Houston, Texas, and being integrated across the curriculum in Houston middle schools and other schools across the country, is named It’s Your Game: Keep it Real. The name itself trivializes the nature of human sexuality, dangling it before children as a game. However, as parents dig deeper and deeper into the program developed with Planned Parenthood as a partner, they are finding materials included in the curriculum that rightfully and predictably have moved them to the point of outrage.

In the Expert’s Corner II of It’s Your Game, the squirming, beautiful young female presenter says, “You should remember that although condoms may reduce the risk of getting HIV, other STDs, or becoming pregnant, choosing not to have sex is the only sure way to avoid all of these consequences.” Then her picture dissolves, her image re-emerges, and she says, in the next breath, “But as with all new things, it’s a good idea to practice until a person feels confident that she or he can use a condom correctly. Let’s review the steps for using a condom correctly. . . . As soon as erection occurs, open the condom package carefully, being careful not to tear the condom.” She then goes on to demonstrate—using two fingers as a penis model—how to put the condom on.

Recently, I was on a conference call with some of our American Life League Associate groups. One of the young ladies on the call leads a pro-life club at her local community college. When we asked about the biggest challenge she faces, she surprised us by saying “the attitude of the other students.” She said the girls have a hatred of babies, a very abnormal fear of parenting, and no desire whatsoever to ever have children.

Though we have all run up against this attitude from time to time, we were shocked to hear how prevalent it is among college students. The entire cultural milieu no doubt plays into the formation of young people into human beings who, in essence, detest their humanity when they detest the thought of reproduction. However, viewing the materials in this curriculum make it clear to us how this attitude has become so prevalent. Pregnancy is depicted as something comparable to a dreaded disease—the worst possible thing that could happen to a person.

When schools engage in social engineering through curricula like It’s Your Game, they are warping students’ sense of sexuality and thus their sense of what it means to be human. Sex is painted as glorious and good at any age or season with anyone desired—as long as you are ready—unless and until you don’t take the proper precautions to prevent pregnancy and childbirth. It’s an “anything goes” mentality, as long as you follow Planned Parenthood’s rules: You decide when you are ready, contracept and use condoms, and abort your babies when contraception fails. This is the road they are leading our children down from the youngest ages. It’s no wonder our nation is in a moral tailspin and stands on the precipice of an irreversible depopulation crisis.

The good news is that there is a game plan to stop Planned Parenthood’s sex education in the schools and it works. Jim Sedlak’s book, Parent Power!!, has been successfully utilized by parents across the nation to get Planned Parenthood out of schools. You can download a printable version here. STOPP is working with parents in Houston and throughout the nation to rid their schools of this plague. Please let us know about your local battles by contacting [email protected]

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