Victory: ALL survey shows record number of Planned Parenthood protests
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We recently updated our map room and, as we compiled the new statistics, we found that you have set a new record! With protests and prayer vigils scheduled regularly at 259 of Planned Parenthood’s 749 facilities, that means that there is now a pro-life presence at one of every three Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide! And those are just the ones that we know about.

Please check out our map room and inform us if you are aware of other prayer vigils or protests outside Planned Parenthood that are not listed. We need to know the day of the week the protest is held, frequency, time of day, and contact information for the leadership. Contact [email protected] with your information!

Please follow this link to our map room and let us know if your protest or vigil is accurately reflected. If not, we will update it right away.

Prayerful, on-site presence outside these facilities is central to closing them down. Kudos to all who pray outside Planned Parenthood, and double kudos to those who bring Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary. God chose to send the savior of the world through Mary, and he will end abortion through her as well!