Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary: Abortion days fewer in Dallas
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After years of bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary, ALL Associate group STOPP of Dallas reports that the number of abortion days seems to be declining at Planned Parenthood’s Greenville Street abortion center. JoAnn Murray, who heads the Dallas Associate group, says that the facility is open Wednesday through Saturday, but abortions are no longer committed there on Wednesday or Saturday.

She also reports on how God’s hand was at work at a Southern Methodist University presentation where Planned Parenthood CEO Ken Lambrecht was on a panel with Sandra Fluke and a dissident priest, talking about the “importance” of free contraception, choice, etc. Many of the students cheered and clapped during the presentation, but when the mikes were open for questions, something amazing happened. According to an e-mail report from JoAnn:

[T]hough we were vastly outnumbered, somehow almost every question or comment advanced the pro-life message in that room. Surprisingly, all different questions, and we hadn’t talked to each other and did not know each other. We were stunned—happily so.

Topics raised [included] the pill as a carcinogen, no mammograms at PP (the PP CEO had just said they had diagnosed 200,000+ cases at PP last year), the women who have died from safe abortions at PP, the Mayo Clinic study and others proving the link between abortion and breast cancer, and a sweet little lady who got up and gave an explanation of NFP. So in spite of their efforts, the pro-life message was heard that night.

Kudos to STOPP of Dallas and all those who step out of their comfort zone and put aside something more pleasant to go out and build a solid wall of resistance to Planned Parenthood. Your efforts are bearing great fruit.