Planned Parenthood info for teens: It’s great to be a slut
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“There’s tons of ways that people define ‘slut.’ Most, though, are f’d up.” That’s the lead in for an MTV video targeting teens and tweens on Planned Parenthood’s Info for Teens Facebook page. This denigrating instructional video takes place in a classroom setting and encourages young girls to become promiscuous and emphasizes that others should respect them because, as sluts, they are “confident in their sexuality.”

Francisco, the young, attractive sex “Savage U” sex instructor, stands in front of a chalkboard showing one large stick figure and many small ones. He says, “Let’s say this guy [the big one] has hooked up with all these [little] people. Whoa! What a stud.” Cheering is heard in the background. “But let’s say this is a girl,” he says, drawing a skirt on the large stick figure. “Is the situation any different? Yes or no? NO!” he says.

Attempting to convince students that anyone who judges someone because they are sexually promiscuous is bad, this “Sextra Credit” video portrays being a slut as a very desirable thing. However, since some might take offense at the word, Francisco says, “Be careful when you throw a word like ‘slut’ around. It should only be used for good.”

The video ends with a pop quiz. The upshot of the quiz is that if you don’t believe what Francisco says about his assertion that being a slut is a positive, healthy thing, “Sorry—you fail!”

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. In an article entitled “Misery U: Hook-up culture leaves casualties,” Dr. Miriam Grossman, a campus psychiatrist at UCLA, points out some of the more grisly surprises that await young women who have promiscuous sex. Addressing healthcare professionals and organizations in general, and in particular “Ask Alice”—a promiscuity promoting website that emanates from Columbia University and is linked from Planned Parenthood websites—Dr. Grossman says:

OK, hold on a minute. As a health expert, Alice, aren’t you forgetting a few things?

Let’s start with this: These young women who have turned to you are adolescents, and that likely means their cervix is immature and more vulnerable to infection. Surely you’ve studied basic gynecology and know about the transformation zone, where human papillomavirus (HPV) has infected about half of sexually active college women, usually from one of their first encounters. Did you forget that this area shrinks with time, making infection less likely? This fact alone behooves you to urge these women to wait.

You must know, as well, that early sexual debut and multiple partners are risk factors in the development of infertility as well as cervical cancer. When you encourage your readers to “experiment” and “explore,” Alice, they are more likely to have more total lifetime sexual partners than if they delay those relationships.

You know that herpes and HPV are transmitted skin to skin and can be passed even when there are no visible lesions, and that even with latex—recent surveys show a minority of college students used a condom during their previous encounter—the “protection” is incomplete.

And what about the research suggesting that sexually active female adolescents are more vulnerable to depression? You tell your reader that “exploring” will add to her well-being and peace of mind. I’m wondering which study it was, exactly, that reached those conclusions.

The college students who end up in my office don’t sound so carefree. They share grim tales of unwanted pregnancies and treatment for warts and abnormal Pap smears. They are ashamed and worried. Some have insomnia or depression related to their conditions. Others aren’t infected, so far as they know, they just have broken hearts.

One freshman whose first “real” boyfriend had just dumped her wanted to know, “Why, Dr. Grossman, do they warn you about STDs and pregnancy, but they don’t tell you what it does to your heart?”

What could I tell her? In my profession, common sense has vanished. It has been replaced by social agendas. The ideology of “anything goes,” “women are just like men,” “abortion is benign,” “sex is a recreational activity” is alive and well in much of campus health and counseling.

And Planned Parenthood is grabbing millions of tax dollars to teach “sex positive” sex education that imperils the health and well-being of young people on school campuses and through every venue imaginable. While it continually claims it isn’t getting government money to promote its abortion business, it readily acknowledges the receipt of millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars to impact very young children with its twisted messages, while leading parents to believe it is somehow teaching abstinence in the process.

So, let’s see how encouraging teens to be promiscuous plays out for Planned Parenthood:

- Millions of taxpayer dollars in PP bank accounts
- PP executives in top 1.5 percent of household incomes nationwide
- Kids brainwashed by “sex positive” messages
- Kids become sexually active at very young ages
- Their health is ravaged by STDs (more money for PP)
- Out of wedlock pregnancies result
- Planned Parenthood goes in for the kill—abortion—generating much, much more money
- Repeat the scenario over and over
- Planned Parenthood gets filthy rich

Now let’s see how this plays out for families:

- Families have no money because the government gave it to Planned Parenthood
- Kids corrupted by Planned Parenthood
- Wedge driven between parents and children
- Kids’ souls stolen by sexual promiscuity
- Their health ravaged by STDs
- Hearts deadened by multiple hook-ups and resultant heartbreak
- Kids depressed and suicidal
- They engage in drug and alcohol abuse
- Children/grandchildren killed inside Planned Parenthood facilities without the knowledge or permission of adult family members
- America stands on the precipice of depopulation and financial collapse due to lack of younger workers to support an aging population

It’s a temporary win for Planned Parenthood and a FAIL for families.

Buy, hey, be careful how you throw that word “slut” around. Only use it for good.

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