Planned Parenthood threatens to close Lubbock abortion facility
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With funding for Planned Parenthood in Texas scheduled to come to a screeching halt on December 31, Lubbock Planned Parenthood officials are predicting “a change in the tides come 12/31.” An October 26 petition filed by Planned Parenthood in Travis County claims that “Without WHP funding, (Planned Parenthood of Lubbock) will likely be forced to cut back the hours of its health center or even to close its only health center entirely.”

A Lubbock Avalanche Journal article says that, in 2011, the Lubbock Planned Parenthood abortion center got a whopping $540,000 in taxpayer funded Women’s Health Program reimbursements—almost half of its total revenue. Planned Parenthood won’t say whether the Lubbock abortion facility will shut down, but the article quotes Planned Parenthood interim CEO Tara Haskell saying, “I still feel like we’re in limbo at this point.”

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission was informed by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid that it will lose $36 million in funding on December 31 if it excludes Planned Parenthood from the Women’s Health Program. The state of Texas has pledged to exclude Planned Parenthood and other entities that commit or promote abortion, regardless of the attempt of federal officials to hold it hostage by threatening the state that it will cut off the funding entirely if it refuses to fund the abortion giant.

Planned Parenthood took over operation of the only abortion facility in Lubbock in October of 2010. Local pro-life advocates have been on the ground for decades there praying the Rosary and engaging in sidewalk counseling. In January of 2011, local pro-life advocates pledged to implement in full our Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary campaign. Our Lady will deliver the victory. We look forward to seeing the Lubbock abortion facility and many other Texas Planned Parenthood facilities close their doors for good!