Planned Parenthood video shows teens how to put on makeup to cover up a beating
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Planned Parenthood’s Info for Teens Facebook page is at it again. This time it is with a video that shows how to cover up those nasty cuts and bruises that result from a beating.

The lead-in to the video says, “A recent study showed that almost one in 10 high school students has been hit, slapped, or physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend of girlfriend in the last 12 months.”

The link to the video bears the headline: “How to look your best the morning after.” It appears beside the picture of an obviously badly beaten young lady.

The video on the August 19 post begins with a shot of the underside of the young lady’s chin that has abrasions, then flashes to a full view of her face where she sports a split lip, a gash on the bridge of her nose, and very bad bruising around her left eye.

“I’ve had a bit of a rough time,” she says, “but I’m going to be doing a video today on how to cover up.” She then demonstrates how to apply makeup to cover up the evidence of the abuse.

“If you’ve got a lot of bruising from being pushed hard against a coffee table,” she says, “you can gently apply layer after layer, and you will cover it up slightly.”

“You might want to put concealer on over any splits that are caused from watches or rings,” she says, as she tries to hide the gash in her lip.

“If you’ve got some bruisin’ from a jealous type of partner,” she says as she signals a choking motion with her hand at neck level, “you can always just put your hair down to the side. If it’s not long enough, don’t worry because a scarf is ideal for this. So I’m going to be using a scarf, so you can kind of hide and cover it up. So that’s perfect like that.”

Suddenly the young lady hears a noise, looks to the side with shock, then turns off the camera.

After spending all but the last 10 seconds of the video showing teens how to cover up the marks left by abuse, text appears advising that 65 percent of women who suffer domestic violence keep it hidden. “Don’t cover it up,” the video says.

The video is from a legitimate organization in the UK that fights domestic violence. But the way Planned Parenthood headlines it—with “How to look your best the morning after,” teens are mislead by Planned Parenthood into the cover up mentality. On the anti-domestic violence site, the video is introduced with the headline: “Don’t cover it up.” That headline makes a world of difference to young teens who run across the video.

Planned Parenthood promotes all sorts of aberrant, dangerous sex to teens. In 2011, Planned Parenthood of Upper Hudson required teens as young as 13 applying for its S.T.A.R.S. peer educator program to attend Capital Pride, a gay parade. Children attending the parade were exposed to dangerous, deviant behavior, including scantily clad people on parade, engaged in bondage and other sado-masochistic behavior—behavior which could easily result in the kinds of bruises and marks the young lady in the video suffered.

Planned Parenthood sex ed programs give students the option of placing themselves in vulnerable, dangerous positions so long as they ‘”protect” themselves from pregnancy and STDs, rather than advising them to avoid these situations entirely, again setting them up to be victims of violence.

Is Planned Parenthood in your school system influencing your children? If it is not, you can bet its staff members are at the door working as hard as they can to get in. Demand accountability from your school officials today. Visit our website at to find out how to get Planned Parenthood out of your schools and keep it out.