Planned Parenthood and domestic abuse
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2012-12-12

There is a common thread that binds Planned Parenthood with sexual and domestic abuse. That thread is total lack of respect for the wholeness, wonder, and sacred mystery of human sexuality and of the human person.

Last week we featured an article that caused a firestorm among Planned Parenthood supporters because it implicated Planned Parenthood in teaching young people how to put on makeup to cover abuse.

As I said in the article, the video posted on Planned Parenthood’s Info for Teens Facebook page, giving step-by-step instruction on how to cover a beating with makeup, was apparently produced on behalf of Refuge, an organization in the UK that opposes domestic violence. It appears on the Refuge website under the headline “Lauren Luke – Don’t cover it up campaign.”

In the setting of the Refuge website, with all the information that is provided about domestic abuse, the video makes some sense. But in the absence of explanation, and with only the title, “How to look your best the morning after,” as it appeared on Planned Parenthood’s Info for Teens Facebook page, the video sends a sinister, dangerous, confusing message to teens and others who come across it.

As I said before, there is a common thread that ties Planned Parenthood and sexual and domestic abuse together—a total lack of respect for the human person.

Planned Parenthood is the master of lack of respect for human beings, having presided over the grisly death of more than five million defenseless children since 1970.

What may seem a much less important case in point has extremely dire consequences when followed to its conclusion. Planned Parenthood has pushed the disgustingly violent, disrespectful, modesty-destroying theatrical production The Vagina Monologues for years on college campuses. I have read shocking excerpts from the production and walked away in disgust on several occasions while doing research about Planned Parenthood’s campus outreach.

But yesterday I actually made an attempt to read the entire script, spurred on by a connection I found between Planned Parenthood and the UK anti-domestic violence organization Refuge: Both have benefitted financially from the proceeds of The Vagina Monologues.

While the sexually provocative, twisted content of The Vagina Monologues sent me running to vomit long before I completed the script, I read enough that I can tell you that, because we stand by and allow our college-age students to be exposed to this mind-bending filth on campuses across our nation, we are accessories to Planned Parenthood’s exploitation of them and the resultant sexual license, sexual abuse, and violence that are rampant on college campuses.

The monologues begin with a constant titillating rant that celebrates vaginas and hook-up sex, portraying a woman’s vagina as the center of her being—that part around which all else revolves. (Hence, the admonition that women should vote with their vaginas.) The grotesque rant is interspersed with stories of abusive child seduction and horrifyingly violent sexual abuse. The premise used to get this rant on college campuses is that it will help prevent domestic violence.

Disrespect breeds disrespect. When a woman has so little respect for her sexuality and that of others that she will stand before an audience and rant about the beauty of the vagina, giving details about its appearance, laced with strange, distorted, and warped fantasized details about how she sees it in her mind’s eye, giving it a voice and a personality of its own—and reveals all the details of her shameful exploits for the sake of glorifying herself via her (or others’) vaginal pursuits—she is cultivating deep disrespect for women. Mix that with stories of unimaginably violent rape, and you create a situation that could very well contribute to violent sexual abuse. And this is done in the name of preventing sexual abuse. Many among us will not react in a respectable way toward women when confronted with such lack of self-respect, and with such disrespect for those who are in the audience.

Just as Planned Parenthood kills human beings by abortion in the name of defending human rights, so it pushes filth and self-centered sexual gratification in the name of defending women from the sexual assault it breeds.

We are endowed by God with a natural modesty that protects us from improper sexual involvement and from abuse.

Planned Parenthood works to strip that natural modesty and our sense of wonder and sacredness of sexuality and turn it into something that is totally mechanical and banal.

That model of sexuality, laced with licentiousness and disrespect for modesty, creates a mindset that sets our young people up for disaster.

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