A former abortionist implores the Church to stop abortion
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2013-02-20

For many of us, our testing ground has been and continues to be Planned Parenthood. It is here that we are daily challenged with the brutal reality that the consequence of sin is death. We witness with all our senses the wrath of hell manifested in the vitriolic attacks by abortion workers unleashed on us—and much worse, on the tiny, innocent babies they kill and throw in the trash.

But by God’s grace, in the midst of all that spiritual turmoil and killing, it is very common for abortion workers to walk away from Planned Parenthood once the Church comes to the sidewalk. Those of us who have been active in pro-life work for decades can point to many who have walked away because of our presence on the sidewalks outside Planned Parenthood.

And as we ponder how great God’s grace is in rebuilding broken souls, I wonder how many of us can see God’s image in every human being we encounter. In that person who persecutes us relentlessly? In the face of a convicted murderer? In the face of the neighborhood abortionist? These people were all created in the image and likeness of God. Yet, through sin, through free will, through “choice,” and through sexual license, people continually warp themselves into the image and likeness of sin—into the image and likeness of the one they are following. Into the image and likeness of evil incarnate.

Still, we know, the immortal soul of each person is created to know, love, and serve God in this life and to be with Him forever in the next. It is our constant challenge to recognize that and to overcome our sinful nature so that we can reach out to these individuals.

Former Planned Parenthood facility director Abby Johnson has focused her attention on her mission to rescue abortion workers with an outreach that she appropriately calls “And then there were none.” As she who has walked the fiery path of running a Planned Parenthood abortion center explains, no abortion workers means no more abortions. How is that accomplished? It is all about reaching out to them—giving them a hand up out of hell into the arms of God.

Just this week Abby announced that, in the few months this vital ministry has been in operation, 44 abortion workers have been rescued from Planned Parenthood. She also shared this letter she received from a former late-term abortionist that shows just how God’s supernatural grace can impact those deemed by others to be completely lost to the most horrific sin:

I just wanted to let you know, you’ve touched my heart. For years . . . too many years to count, I murdered countless children . . . up until three months ago that is. I believed I was doing what was best at the time. I worked for Planned Parenthood.

I became hardened and cold to the fact I was killing children. How I, a physician who had taken an oath to preserve life can perform abortions—can actually kill defenseless unborn babies—literally ripped out, many times in pieces, from the mother’s womb, is beyond me . . . but I see it now. Partial-birth abortion was my living. :’(

Finally one day, something hit me . . . and my hard heart began to soften. After receiving a pro-life tract, and having read it, I got angry, but I didn’t throw it away. And then for some reason, I couldn’t perform abortions anymore.

I broke down that day and felt like I had died on the inside. Millions of emotions came at me and I had a weight of guilt on my shoulders so heavy. So heavy, worse than any depression I’ve ever felt.

I felt like for every baby I had taken from this world a part of me died as well. I cry as I write this. I cry for the mothers, the fathers . . . who decided because of “choice” they would kill their children. I cry for the babies who were brutally murdered at my hand. It takes a lot to admit that. A LOT.

This former abortionist closed her letter with the ultimate zinger, addressed, fittingly, to the churches.

Where [are] the churches? The outreach groups? Get out there! Do something. Please! Don’t say, “It isn’t my field.” Shouldn’t it be every moral person’s responsibility to defend the defenseless? And don’t tell me pro-life outreach doesn’t work, or tracts don’t help. It certainly did for me.

There’s not a day that goes by now where my heart isn’t heavy with grief, or I don’t [get] angry. I can only hope God can forgive me. If anyone deserves a hell, it’s the one who murders children.

Loving the sinner doesn’t mean overlooking the sin. On the contrary, the surest way to let sin fester and warp a soul into the image of sin is to ignore that sin. The Church is called to confront the sin of abortion and the sin of sexualizing children at the very doors of Planned Parenthood and to confront it on a daily basis. It is only through peaceful, prayerful, loving confrontation that the sinner will find a portal back into the heart of God.

For many years, American Life League has been calling the Church forth, through its clergy and laity, to witness to life at the very gates of the hell that is Planned Parenthood. When a former abortionist realizes the power of the churches to stop abortion, surely it is time to answer that call and make haste to come to the aid of those in most need of the mercy of God.