Planned Parenthood sex ed halted again in North Dakota
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Planned Parenthood is having a very bad year in North Dakota. Just when it thought it had prevailed for the second time in forcing its hedonistic sex education into the state against the will of parents and the legislature, it ran up against a very determined state legislature that continues to fight back.

STOPP reported in January that, at the urging of concerned parents, North Dakota state legislator Bette Grande took to the airwaves to say that Planned Parenthood has no business in the state and threatened to cut North Dakota State University’s state funding if it went forward with its Planned Parenthood partnership. The school and the abortion mogul were set to partner in a three year, $1.2 million federal PREP education grant that had been awarded in September, via Obamacare.

The sex program was scheduled to begin January 2013 in North Dakota, where the mandated, singular message to youth in the realm of sexuality education is abstinence. Soon after Grande’s promise to cut funding to the university if it proceeded with the Planned Parenthood partnership, the university’s president appeared on the same radio show and announced that the college was freezing the grant money and would probably return it to the federal government.

Enter the state attorney general, who a month later issued an opinion ruling that the program should go forward.

Not willing to allow Planned Parenthood access to children for its sex programs, the legislature is fighting back. According to the Fargo-Moorhead Inforum website, a measure just passed out of the House Human Services Committee that “would prohibit the use of government funds to ‘contract with, or provide financial or other support to individuals, organizations, or entities performing, inducing, referring for, or counseling in favor of, abortions.”

Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota sent out an emotional fundraising e-mail on Tuesday bemoaning the fact that it is now fighting against six bills in the abortion arena in North Dakota, while also facing fierce opposition from legislators over its plans to bring its sex ed programs into the state.

Congratulations are due once again to the parents of North Dakota, who are staying on top of Planned Parenthood’s efforts to impose its evil agenda on their children, and to the legislators who are responding so valiantly.