Planned Parenthood network attempts to steamroll South Carolina parents
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2013-04-17

Keeping parents in the dark is one of Planned Parenthood’s hallmarks. Most parents are still unaware that this week there will be a hearing in the K-12 subcommittee of the South Carolina legislature on the so-called Healthy Youth Act (H3435) that would mandate only Planned Parenthood-style “safe sex” education for minors and vulnerable teens, certify only teachers who teach a specific list of programs, and make abstinence education programs illegal.

The South Carolina Healthy Family Formation Coalition (SCHFF) provides parents with a summary of the legislation that, if passed, “will make it legal and mandatory to teach middle and high school students how to practice mutual masturbation, make condoms fun and pleasurable, use dental dams for oral sex, help your partner keep an erection, and where to find contraception that aborts a pregnancy. All of this at taxpayer expense under the guise of pregnancy prevention.”

It is urgent that South Carolina parents contact their legislators immediately and insist that H3435 be killed. Use this website to make the contact today! Planned Parenthood has activated its network and they are making calls to legislators. It is critical that concerned parents call in record numbers to voice their disapproval.

SCHFF reported recently that the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, part of the Planned Parenthood Network, is sponsoring a workshop this summer entitled “They’ll just mess things up: How to keep parents out of Prevention!” Here is an excerpt from the workshop description on March 22, 2013, when the SCHFF article was written.

Although parents are the problem, experts argue for parental involvement. Come learn how to keep them away: Parent sessions on Christmas day! Flirting techniques to use on fathers in front of wives! Developing flyers nobody will read! Ten ways to make parents fail!

Since the workshop name and description were revealed by SCHHF, it appears it has been cleaned up somewhat. Still quite disturbing, it now reads:

They’ll Just Mess Things Up! Parents and Prevention

This presentation will highlight the complexities of working with parents and provide tools for effectively reaching them in prevention efforts.

H3435 was written, the family coalition says, by the Planned Parenthood Network (PPN)—an accurately descriptive name that the group defines as “entities that have gone on record as supporting the ‘safe sex’ programs listed on the Planned Parenthood website and/or opposing abstinence-until-marriage education.”

Mary McLellan, statewide chair of the South Carolina Healthy Family Formation Coalition, is at the forefront of fighting Planned Parenthood’s ideology-driven sex indoctrination programs, while speaking out in support of abstinence. She offers a series of articles entitled Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing that track the advance of Planned Parenthood-mandated sex programs into the state.

As Obamacare pours more and more money into forcing sex indoctrination on children in the name of sexual health, the Planned Parenthood Network cranks up its propaganda machine to warp speed to convince parents, teachers, and school administrators that its “comprehensive, safe-sex education” is the savior of our youth. It uses political clout, deception, and intimidation to ensure that its brand of sex education is adopted and enforced throughout the nation. Parents across the nation are facing similar battles. We must learn from one another and fight tooth and nail to eliminate Planned Parenthood-style sex education. Kudos to the South Carolina Healthy Family Formation Coalition and to all who stand with it in opposition to forcing warped sex indoctrination on our children.

For information on how to get Planned Parenthood out of your schools, read Jim Sedlak’s book Parent Power!! In addition, our experts are available to come to your area to help you educate about the Planned Parenthood agenda and strategize to get this organization out of town. Contact us by e-mail at [email protected].

If you live in South Carolina and want to help with this fight, please contact Mary McLellan at [email protected]