'Sexuality ed expert': Laws pass when parents don't object; says one or two phone calls can derail sex ed program
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As a registrant at the 36th annual Planned Parenthood-directed Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) held April 22 and 23 in Seaside, Oregon, I was honestly quite shocked at the frank admission by Brad Victor that the most liberal sex ed laws in the nation were driven through easily because there was no parental outcry. A “Sexuality Education Specialist” with the Oregon Department of Education, Victor was introduced at the beginning of the conference as being with WISE of Oregon, an acronym for “Working to Institutionalize Sex Education.”

Victor described how laws requiring sex education starting in kindergarten and condom demonstrations in sixth grade were pushed through with the greatest of ease when parents’ voices were not heard in opposition at the state board level.

He said the explicit Oregon Administrative Rule passed at the second reading, after being bundled with other “consent” items. At the first reading of the proposed rule, he appeared and explained to the board that there had been much review and many revisions, and that many groups had been involved in drafting the rule. The board wanted one minor item of terminology changed, and that change was made. He continued:

And then a month later I came back before them, and it was on the docket as a consent item. Which they’ll pile a bunch of stuff together. We put it out for public comment. There was no public comment at all. And so we went for the consent items, and they said, “Everybody agree on the consent items?” And they raised their hands. And bingo, boom! We’ve got the most progressive law in the nation here. So we pushed the envelope again.

Remarkably, at one point Victor began to lay his cards on the table about how parents can very easily sidetrack such programs, even after laws are in place, confirming what STOPP has continually taught parents about taking their schools back.

He said that while school boards and superintendents will cling to their ideas to save money by cutting bus services over the objection of many parents, or defend their decision to not include intelligent design in the science curriculum over the objection of many parents, it only takes one or two calls from parents to cause big trouble for those pushing “comprehensive” sex education programs. Quoting Victor:

You adopt a curriculum, comprehensive curriculum, two parents call. Superintendent freaks. School board freaks out. . . . The law says, guess what, you are supposed to teach about condoms in sixth grade in Oregon. If you’re not, you’re violating the law. How many phone calls does it take for a superintendent to violate Oregon education law when it comes to sex education? Usually one or two. One or two—they are willing to violate the law.

He pointed out that superintendents are in very vulnerable positions, hired by school boards that are no longer there often after three to six years. He then said that in WISE grantee schools, it is much more difficult to sway the administration because of his ability to convince them they must comply with the law.

The thing that I have found with this—and I found this particularly with the WISE in Oregon schools—is the superintendents, when they get those first two calls, they just say hey, we are in compliance with Oregon law, I’m required to exercise Oregon education law, and after that point the conversation ends usually. It usually ends 99 percent of the time.

Victor uses WISE as his vehicle to ramrod mandatory sex ed laws through the state board and legislature. Those fighting mandatory “comprehensive” sex ed in Oregon say the parents never know about the laws before they are passed. After Planned Parenthood ideology is enacted as law, WISE is the vehicle used to galvanize the teachers and administrators to stand firm against parental objections.

If you want to get Planned Parenthood sex ed out of the schools, speak up! Call the superintendent. Call the school board members and object until your voice is heard.

Read Jim Sedlak’s Parent Power!! and take action today. Pass it on to all of the parents of your children’s classmates as well. Then band together and take action. It is never too late to take your school back, and the way to do it is with a great parental outcry. Don’t let Planned Parenthood and its cohorts run roughshod over your children one more day.