Victory: Planned Parenthood in Waco cuts out half of abortion hours
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The Planned Parenthood abortion juggernaut in Waco, Texas, is sending up smoke signals that may be indicative of its impending closure. According to American Life League Associate group leader Dr. John Pisciotta, in April Planned Parenthood switched from a weekly to an every-other-week abortion schedule.

This is the first time since its abortion business launched in 1994 that Planned Parenthood has abandoned a weekly abortion schedule.

“With abortion days cut in half, lives of innocents will be spared and moms will dodge devastating personal decisions. With abortion days cut in half, we hope to double our pro-life presence at Ross Avenue,” Dr. Pisciotta said.

Abortions in Waco began in 1994 at 1927 Columbus Ave. In December of 2011, with a declining abortion business, Planned Parenthood closed its Columbus Avenue clinic. Abortions were transferred to the Planned Parenthood main facility on Ross Avenue, where abortions and birth control are promoted, delivered, and executed under one roof.

Pro-life witness at the Columbus Avenue facility persisted throughout its 18 years of operation.

Pro-Life Waco will continue its challenge to Planned Parenthood with prayer, public witness, billboards, yard signs, newspaper ads, etc. The goal is to bring an end to abortions in Waco. Additionally, Pro-Life Waco seeks the complete elimination of Planned Parenthood from Waco.

Congratulations to Pro-Life Waco for this latest in a long line of victories against the abortion giant.