Action Alert: Tell Congress to stop Planned Parenthood's corporate carnage!

Planned Parenthood’s latest oxymoron of a motto reads: “Planned Parenthood. Care. No Matter What.” But when it comes to its heartless, extremely lucrative abortion business, Planned Parenthood’s lack of ethical medical care and basic compassion are glaringly visible.

American Life League’s latest video report, “Planned Parenthood’s Corporate Carnage,” brings the greed and malevolence of the nation’s largest abortion chain into clearer focus, as it shows just how much convicted baby murderer Kermit Gosnell and Planned Parenthood have in common.  

The report clearly illustrates Planned Parenthood’s wanton disregard for the safety of women, and shows how the nation’s largest abortion chain—while claiming to have the highest medical standards—has failed to provide the most basic cleanliness, how it has injured women in abortions, and how it has then failed to provide lifesaving care for them. This video is an indispensable aid in the battle to defund the organization that preys on women and tiny babies when they are most vulnerable.

The video report points to the statements of former employees who were blowing the whistle on Planned Parenthood in Delaware while the Gosnell murder case was winding down in Philadelphia. The women talked in terms of a filthy, meat-market style of assembly line abortions at Planned Parenthood that put women seeking abortions at dire risk of health complications.

It tells the stories of two women critically injured by Planned Parenthood in the course of abortions and denied lifesaving treatment.

And it shows a Planned Parenthood lobbyist’s testimony against a bill that would mandate lifesaving treatment for babies born alive during the course of abortion.

It is urgent that advocates of women and children pull out all the stops to shut down the Planned Parenthood abortion machine by cutting off its government funding.

We have crafted a letter that you may use as is or easily edit by following this link to our defund Planned Parenthood Action Center. Please act today!

When the headlines scream of a broken economy, why are we funding Planned Parenthood’s exploitation and killing of women and babies?