Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary: Planned Parenthood closes Texas, Colorado, Nevada, New Jersey facilities
This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2013-08-21

Congratulations to our colleagues in Midland, Texas, who welcome the announcement of the closure of the Planned Parenthood abortion facility there. Pro-life forces in the Midland/Odessa area have fought valiantly for the closure, bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary every step of the way. Citing political “attacks from state lawmakers,” Planned Parenthood of West Texas announced that the facility will close by the end of August.

Bishop Michael Pfeifer has been particularly visible in the fight against Planned Parenthood in Midland, as evidenced by this photograph from, where he stands outside the Planned Parenthood facility, rosary in hand, in front of a large picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe, while the faithful pray. He celebrates Mass and leads prayer vigils and Eucharistic adoration outside the Planned Parenthood facilities within the geographical area of his diocese. STOPP has collaborated for years with those working and praying to eliminate Planned Parenthood from the area.

According to the CEO of Planned Parenthood Trust of South Texas, quoted at OAonline, “In West Texas alone, the number of patients getting family planning health services at Planned Parenthood has dropped by about 50 percent as a direct result of the 2011 Texas legislature’s policy to end family planning contracts and the decision by Governor Rick Perry to dismantle the Women’s Health Program, forcing Planned Parenthood to close its health center in Midland—at least for now. Planned Parenthood Trust of South Texas will continue providing healthcare services at the San Angelo health center.”

According to its website, the Planned Parenthood Trust of South Texas consists of three “health care subsidiaries” that operate facilities in San Antonio, Harlingen, and Brownsville, Texas.

The abortion giant closed its neighboring Odessa, Texas, facility March 9, 2012, citing funding cuts, even though it was purported at the time to be the busiest of the Planned Parenthood facilities in the area.

Meanwhile in Colorado, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains has announced the closure of its Eastside center in Colorado Springs and the LaJunta location effective September 1. Both facilities committed abortion pill abortions. Here again we see that the bishop of the diocese, Michael Sheridan, is extremely outspoken and actively fighting against Planned Parenthood. Fr. Bill Carmody, respect life director for the Diocese of Colorado Springs, has also been highly visible in the fight against Planned Parenthood. Once again, countless rosaries have been prayed, and continue to be prayed, for an end to Planned Parenthood, as the faithful bring Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary.

The announcement of the Colorado closures referred to the “strategic decision” and specifically mentioned the abortion giant’s fight against two personhood initiatives in the state. The press release also referenced a Las Vegas, Nevada, facility that will close as well.

And in Manville, New Jersey, Planned Parenthood closed its doors permanently on August 16, according to a notice found on the office window. Officials at Planned Parenthood of Central and Greater Northern New Jersey declined to comment on the closing, according to a news story at New Jersey has been stripping millions of dollars of Planned Parenthood funding consistently since 2010.

All of which goes to show that 1) Planned Parenthood will not thrive in an area where there is an intense, unrelenting campaign to bring Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary, 2) Planned Parenthood cannot survive without government funding, and 3) shining a light on the personhood of the preborn is among Planned Parenthood’s worst nightmares. On-site prayer works! Defunding works! Personhood is key! The three work hand in hand to bring an end to Planned Parenthood. Congratulations to all who put Mary in the lead in this battle against good and evil, against life and death!

August 22 is the Feast of the Queenship of Mary. What a beautiful day to ask Our Lady to be Queen of our efforts against Planned Parenthood. Visit our Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary webpage today to find all the resources you need to consecrate your local battle against Planned Parenthood to Mary.