Red alert: Pono Choices curriculum being tested on Hawaii middle schoolers
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When it comes to sex education, the devil is always in the details, and Hawaii is no exception.

Romping in almost two million dollars of Obamacare of grants, Planned Parenthood in Hawaii and its grant partners set about developing, replicating, and implementing morally bereft “comprehensive” sex ed curriculum. The program, dubbed Pono Choices, is in the testing phase right now, which means it is being “tested” on students in Hawaii middle schools.

The Pono Choices newsletter boasts of the University of Hawaii partnership with Planned Parenthood of Hawaii and lists Making Proud Choices as a key consultant. While information about Pono Choices is being kept under wraps, we know a lot about Making Proud Choices. The fact that Making Proud Choices is a key consultant and that it is impossible to find detailed information about Pono Choices on the Internet should put parents on high alert.

Making Proud Choices is a curriculum that targets African American youth, ages 11 to 13, and pays them to participate in the program. Making Proud Choices teaches children that sex is “fun and pleasurable when a condom is used, and [students] are taught how to incorporate this belief into role-play scenarios.” Here are some excerpts from a must-read report that we published about Making Proud Choices:

ETR Associates—a sex program clearinghouse and offshoot of Planned Parenthood of Santa Cruz—admits on its webpage that a program being taught in North Carolina schools and elsewhere across the nation teaches toward four major “outcome expectancies or behavioral beliefs.” Belief number 4 is described in the ETR overview as “Hedonistic Beliefs.” Hedonistic philosophy places pleasure above everything else—as the greatest good.

The module entitled “Developing Condom Use Skills and Negotiation Skills” teaches children “negotiation skills to address partner pressure as well as ways to make condoms pleasurable.” One must wonder how in the world instruction in how to make condoms pleasurable is going to lead to less sex among these young people. Oh, it’s not! That’s the idea, obviously.

The program is long on role-playing. Small group activities and visual data abound.

Program facilitators are “well trained” and must sign a statement of fidelity to the curriculum. The program may be delivered, according to the HHS report, to mixed gender groups. Peer educators are allowed.

The study on the HHS website found that three months after the program those participants who were “sexually experienced” when the program began were “significantly less likely [now there’s a statistic you can nail your Jell-O to!] to report having had unprotected sexual intercourse in the previous three months, and reported a lower frequency of unprotected sexual intercourse. Program impacts on unprotected sexual intercourse were not statistically significant for youth who were sexually inexperienced at baseline.” At six months and a year after the program, findings were similar.

Which begs the question: Why are all these children being exposed to graphic, hedonistic sexual instruction when a very small percentage of eighth graders will have engaged in sexual intercourse before the course begins, and the program supposedly does not significantly impact those who are not sexually active when it begins? And are we really to believe that children exposed to such graphic, hands-on sex instruction and role-playing are not encouraged to become sexually active by participating?

According to the report, the impact of the program on attitudes about abstinence “were not considered for the review because they fell outside the scope of the review.”

Planned Parenthood, of course, steals souls and encourages promiscuity through its perverse, pornographic sex education. “There is no right or wrong way to have sex,” it tells our children, and “when you are ready is the right time to begin having sex.” Planned Parenthood pushes its disgusting “comprehensive sex education” from birth, encouraging parents to talk about sex to their children and to other adults in front of their children from the earliest ages, creating a culture of sick sex within the home. The sex-crazed organization drives a wedge between parents and their children, and spearheads the enactment of laws that take away parental rights.

Yet another cause for great concern is the fact that Advocates for Youth is listed as a resource in Pono Choices. Advocates for Youth was founded in 1980 and was originally called “Center for Population Options.” It was founded by Joy Dryfoos, who is often considered the “mother” of the School Based Health Clinic movement. It mirrors Planned Parenthood’s philosophy with its facilitation of immoral, dangerous sexual behavior under the guise of safe sex. It actively lobbies Congress to defund abstinence programs. It retained the ACLU to fight against abstinence programs. Its Sex Education Resource Center provides lesson plans for “comprehensive” sex education, national standards, and policy and advocacy tools. It even publishes its own sex ed curricula.

Read our report about the National Sexuality Education Standards, and the role of Planned Parenthood, Advocates for Youth, and others in this attempt to push their morally bereft, perverse sex education into U.S. schools.

Advocates for Youth is also a partner with Planned Parenthood in the development of the salacious online novella for Latina teens, East Los High. Read the shocking report here:

From the Pono Choices newsletter we read: “A total of 1,121 middle school students in the State of Hawaii are enrolled in the Pono Choices study with 744 having received the Pono Choices curriculum (treatment group) and 377 students enrolled in the control group.” The map on page two of the newsletter shows the location of the schools that were involved in the study during 2011 and 2012.

The Pono Choices Teacher Resource Handbook says, “The target population is Native Hawaiians, Part-Hawaiian, and Asian/Pacific Islander students, ages 11 thru 13, who attend 7th grade in middle or intermediate schools. The Pono Choices curriculum will be implemented in urban, rural, and suburban settings in the state of Hawai’i on the island of Oahu; on the Island of Moloka`i; and on the Island of Hawai`i and include approximately 30 middle and intermediate schools. Pono Choices is expected to reach more than 3,000 middle and intermediate school students.”

The program is focused on pregnancy prevention, not abstinence, as one can see by the information in the handbook. The curriculum will not be measured by its impact on delay of onset of sexual activity, but strictly by reduction in teen pregnancy and STDs. Abstaining from sex will be considered on a par with “practicing safe sex” for evaluation purposes. Quoting from page 10 of the handbook: “[F]or the purposes of this study youths who either abstain from sex completely or practice safe sex are assumed to be engaged in pregnancy prevention behaviors and these behavioral outcomes serve as proxy measures of pregnancy prevention.”

Getting Planned Parenthood out of our schools is not optional; it is urgent. Failure to do so will result in disaster for the children impacted by it. If you live in Hawaii and want to join in the fight, please contact us and we will put you in touch with others who are already engaged in fighting Planned Parenthood’s curriculum and contact with schoolchildren.

Additionally, all parents should read Jim Sedlak’s book, Parent Power!!, a step-by-step guide to taking back control of your children’s school. Then take action. Parental action has never been more desperately needed than today.