Mary is here: Abortions stopped by power outage; hours are waning at killing center
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The abortion-by-pill facility run by Planned Parenthood in Spring Valley, New York, has been under prayer siege for years, as committed pro-life advocates bring Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary in so many ways, on so many occasions.

The facility appears to be floundering, with hours on Friday and Saturday reduced to half days on alternating weeks. The Planned Parenthood website warns potential victims to call ahead to confirm hours, since they may change.

Thanks to Eileen Petersen, who tipped us off to the good news that things are not going so well for Planned Parenthood in Spring Valley. In a September 12 e-mail, Eileen wrote, “Today, we report good news. Planned Parenthood in Spring Valley had to close because there was no power. No one could chemically abort their baby with RU486 today at this place of pain and suffering.”

“The 2013/2014 phone books were delivered for Rockland,” she continued. “In the Yellow Pages under the word ‘abortion’ there is not one advertisement for Planned Parenthood, not even an 800 number! Rejoice! We in Rockland are Planned-Parenthood-advertising free!”

Congratulations to the good people of Rockland County, New York. We expect and pray that the day is coming soon when Rockland will be totally Planned-Parenthood-free!