‘Armed for Battle’ brings good news to Planned Parenthood fighters
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American Life League’s Jim Sedlak continues to bring an exciting lineup of speakers to encourage and equip pro-life advocates across the nation via his Radio Maria talk show, “Armed for Battle.”

You won’t want to miss American Life League executive director Paul Rondeau discussing the latest in “What’s happening at American Life League” this Friday, December 6, at noon Eastern time.

Tune in next week, December 13, to hear Dr. John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco. He will discuss the upcoming celebration in Waco commemorating the permanent cancelation of Planned Parenthood’s community-based sex indoctrination program, Nobody’s Fool, and celebrating the cessation of abortions at the Waco, Texas, Planned Parenthood facility.

Listen to the broadcast live at noon Eastern time on Radio Maria, or online at http://radiomaria.us/armedforbattle/.