Hawaii legislator: Pono Choices sex ed curriculum not medically accurate, age appropriate, or complete on STD risks
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After fighting for 45 days for a chance to privately examine Planned Parenthood’s Pono Choices curriculum designed for 11-year-old middle school children, Hawaii state representative Bob McDermott received and reviewed the curriculum. He takes on the curriculum in a January 9 media release. The representative’s comments touch on some very important aspects of Planned Parenthood sex education seldom brought to the forefront, and form an important basis for discussion that must surface about these programs. Quoting the press release:

When Pono Choices was re-released to our public schools on December 13th, the Department of Education released the following statement:

“A review of Pono Choices confirmed the curriculum is medically accurate, appropriate, and aligned with health education, state law, and DOE policy.”

My review has concluded that significant portions of Pono Choices are NOT medically accurate, NOT appropriate for 11-year-old children, and [are] deliberately misleading on STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Representative McDermott then supplies detailed factual information to back up his assertions. Read the entire press release at http://rstrategic.groupsite.com/uploads/files/x/000/0a0/cd6/PonoChoicesRelease2.pdf?1389725565.

STOPP has been blessed to work with Representative McDermott’s staff and Hawaii parents in exposing and stopping Pono Choices. Kudos to Representative McDermott and his staff for their careful attention to this situation, and for adding so many important elements to the discussion about the inaccuracy, insufficiency, and inappropriateness of Planned Parenthood sex education.