Phoenix respect life leaders conference—The Blessed Mother is key to stopping Planned Parenthood
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STOPP national director Rita Diller was the featured speaker at the Arizona Catholics United for Life Leadership Conference at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix on January 18.

Bishop Thomas Olmsted made an appearance at the conference and stayed to visit with and encourage attendees.

Rita joined Fr. John Lankeit, rector of the cathedral and pro-life priest extraordinaire, who gave a very inspirational opening talk. Also speaking was Mike Phelan, director of Parish Leadership Support in Marriage and Family Life for the diocese, and representatives of some of the pro-life ministries that are active across Arizona.

Rita’s talk focused on the importance of putting Our Lady in the lead and consecrating the pro-life battle to her, highlighting the victories that resulted from that consecration and Our Lady’s leadership in the Amarillo Diocese, where 19 Planned Parenthood facilities closed over a 12-year period following the consecration. It also highlighted the importance of meeting Planned Parenthood at every turn—going out to the peripheries to challenge Planned Parenthood as it has entrenched itself in almost every area of community life.

In addition to Phoenix area leaders, Yuma American Life League Associate group AMEN (Abortion Must End Now) leaders, including Kristy Lien, attended the conference and were able to network with other Arizona leaders about working to frustrate the efforts of the new Planned Parenthood without walls business model that is being introduced in Yuma following the closure of PP’s brick and mortar facility there. PP now boasts a full-time paid community organizer in the Yuma area who will work to funnel women into other Arizona Planned Parenthood abortion facilities. It hopes to export that model to other areas.

Kudos to Phoenix 40 Days for Life leaders Jose Calzadilla, Monica Jordan, and Ann DeRose for organizing the very successful conference to coincide with the 41st anniversary of the deadly Roe v. Wade decision. What a proactive way to say no to Roe!