Arizona parents unite to oppose Planned Parenthood sex ed in Tempe
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Arizona parents, beware! Planned Parenthood has begun what will be an incessant, deadly charge to get its sick sex education into Arizona schools, beginning in Yuma and Tempe.

STOPP has received reports from those present that more than 165 opponents of Planned Parenthood were present at a January 7 meeting at the Tempe Union High School district headquarters where a Planned Parenthood representative was given the lion’s share of the time to discuss proposed high school sex ed curricula for the district.

Natalie Decker, an attorney for the public interest law firm Alliance Defending Freedom, pointed out that the three sex ed programs being considered are Planned Parenthood friendly, and at least one was developed, at least in part, by Planned Parenthood. The question was raised whether the curricula are at odds with Arizona standards. Parents decried Planned Parenthood having any role in their children’s sex education.

Christine Accurso, executive director of First Way Pregnancy Center, helped get parents to the meeting and spoke out against the curriculum. One of the curricula under consideration is “It’s All One.” Planned Parenthood contributed to the development of It’s All One, which is available online here. It’s All One is the “gold standard” for comprehensive sex education curricula being promoted globally at the UN Commission on the Status of Women and is ultimately about ensuring sexual satisfaction for all in terms of basic human rights. A cursory look at the curriculum shows the title would clearly be more reflective of the content if it were called “It’s All Wrong Curriculum.”

The curriculum is a blueprint for enshrining IPPF’s dangerous, morally bereft declaration of sexual rights in school- and community-based sex education programs. Read our report about It’s All One on our website.

Also under consideration are two additional Planned Parenthood favorites, FLASH and OWL. STOPP has researched and written about the shocking FLASH curriculum. Our article entitled “Planned Parenthood is Behind King County Schools’ Sex Education” is archived at Further information on the FLASH curriculum is contained in our article entitled “Likening Oral Sex to Lollipops Is Nothing New for Planned Parenthood” and is archived at

LifeSiteNews reports that the OWL curriculum “was developed by the liberal Unitarian Universalist Church to meet guidelines written with input from Planned Parenthood. Like Planned Parenthood’s own materials, the guidelines promote extramarital sex, abortion, contraception, masturbation, homosexuality, and ‘gender expression’ as morally neutral human rights.”

The LSN article goes on to say that, “The independent Vermont newspaper Seven Days once described OWL as ‘28 hour-and-a-half-long . . . no-nonsense lessons in human sexuality that would make some adults blush.’ According to their report, ‘The discussions, films, role-playing exercises and, yes, even overnight sleepovers covered such sensitive and usually taboo topics as abortion, masturbation, sexual fantasies, incest, rape and gender-reassignment surgery.’”

Since Planned Parenthood had no supporters in attendance at the January 7 meeting, the abortion giant is working hard to bring out supporters to upcoming sex ed curriculum committee meeting of the Tempe Union High School. Those opposed to Planned Parenthood sex ed are highly encouraged to attend and continue to stand in opposition to classroom sex education. Please come and bring your friends on Tuesday, Feb. 4 at 4:30 pm. The meeting will take place at 500 West Guadalupe Rd, Tempe, AZ 85283.

STOPP applauds those organizing the fight against Planned Parenthood sex education in Arizona. The gold standard for defeating Planned Parenthood sex education is Jim Sedlak’s Parent Power!!, available for free download at