Navigating the thorny path of deception that leads to Planned Parenthood sex education
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Planned Parenthood of Arizona has created a vehicle to push its sex education programs into schools, and that vehicle is moving full speed ahead. According to the Planned Parenthood of Arizona (PPAZ) website, the Sexual Health and Responsible Education initiative, or SHARE, is actively working to provide:

· Assistance with the selection of a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum that aligns with National
  Sexuality Education Standards-Core Content and Skills, K-12
· Resource support for teacher training
· Technical support-coaching and curriculum mapping
· Parent workshops

In fact, the job description for Planned Parenthood’s new community organizer/regional health coordinator in Yuma, Arizona, says that person, under the guidance of the PPAZ director of education “identifies target school districts and works with school leadership to move toward adoption of a comprehensive sexual health curriculum policy in these districts to advance the Sexual Health and Responsible Education (SHARE) initiative.”

The Planned Parenthood education director who just happened to know a committee member. With that in mind, it is easy to see that Planned Parenthood didn’t just stumble into the doors of the Tempe Union School District to share information about some of its favorite sex ed curricula. The woman who took the floor to push three Planned Parenthood-favored sex ed curriculums—Vikki Hadd-Wissler—is none other than the director of education for Planned Parenthood of Arizona. The same director who will guide the Yuma regional health coordinator “in targeting school districts and working with school leadership to move toward adoption of a comprehensive sexual health curriculum policy.”

Yet Dr. Kenneth Baca, superintendent of the Tempe Union School District, was quoted in an news report saying, “The committee did not invite Planned Parenthood as an organization to promote any program. A person on the committee knew a person that was familiar with the programs that were being considered and they asked that person to speak. That person happens to work at Planned Parenthood.”

The committee he refers to is a board-appointed committee that handpicked the three programs presented by the Planned Parenthood representative at the meeting.

Still, Superintendent Baca insisted that Planned Parenthood was never asked to present the information, and he said Planned Parenthood did not approach the committee about presenting the information concerning sex education programs, according to the report.

Is it possible that Planned Parenthood’s network in Arizona enables it to fly below the radar of the superintendent to get its foot in the door? Absolutely. Not only possible but highly probable, since Planned Parenthood is so controversial as to cause parents to scream about its presence in the school, and can cause superintendents to shut down a sex ed program on the spot because of an intense parental outcry—the type of outcry that is happening in Tempe.

The Planned Parenthood education director who just happens to know a committee member and thus was invited to present—not on behalf of Planned Parenthood—is just the first string in the obfuscatory web that Planned Parenthood has spun in order to ensure that only Planned Parenthood-approved, morally bereft, “sex-positive” sex education (which encourages lifelong sexual expression) gets into the schools in Arizona.

Enter phase two of PPAZ deception regarding sex ed. The PPAZ SHARE initiative webpage links to the National Sexuality Education Standards, claiming that the standards “provide clear and consistent guidance on the essential minimum core content for sexuality education that is developmentally and age-appropriate for students.”

But just what are these National Sexuality Education Standards that PPAZ speaks of? Who proposed them and are they binding on schools? Are the standards really developmentally and age-appropriate for students?

National Standards—the players and their history: The Wednesday STOPP Report published two articles on the National Sexuality Standards almost exactly a year ago, revealing that the standards are published by The Future of Sex Education (FoSE) Initiative, a partnership between three organizations that are intricately intertwined with Planned Parenthood. In addition, Planned Parenthood leaders are on the advisory committee for the standards and among the additional reviewers of the FoSE national standards. Douglas Kirby of ETR appears on the list of additional reviewers. ETR began its existence as the education arm of Planned Parenthood of Santa Cruz.

One of the partners in the FoSE Initiative, SIECUS, was launched in 1964 by the Kinsey Institute to teach the Kinsey philosophy of sex education in American schools. Dr. Mary Calderone, a former medical director at Planned Parenthood, was the first director of SIECUS.

Dr. Alfred Kinsey authored the “Kinsey Reports” in 1948 and 1953, which were the basis for a sexual revolution that promoted and sanctioned promiscuity, pornography, and homosexuality. Kinsey’s research was disproportionally based on surveys of prison inmates, sex offenders, and prostitutes.

Quoting Concerned Women of America’s report, A Nation Deceived: “To obtain data about the sexual behavior of children, Dr. Kinsey worked with trained pedophiles who sexually abused hundreds of children (as young as two months) to prove to the world that infants, toddlers, and juveniles could enjoy sex pre-puberty with the help of an adult. Their sexual torture was recorded as pleasure.”

The national standards push sexual orientation issues from the earliest ages, and the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is listed among the national resources, along with Planned Parenthood’s “independent” research arm, the Guttmacher Institute.

Not age appropriate: As for the supposed age-appropriate content of the National Standards, by the end of 8th grade, the 14-year-old students must be able to “differentiate between gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation and explain the range of gender roles.” They must define sexual intercourse and its relation to human reproduction. The standards define sexual intercourse as “when a penis is inserted into a vagina, mouth, or anus.” Students must also define “emergency contraception” and its use, and “describe a range of ways people express affection within various types of relationships.”

By the end of 12th grade, students must be able to “describe the human sexual response cycle, including the role hormones play.” They must “differentiate between biological sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression.”

To give some insight into what the students will be taught, the “info for teens” area of Planned Parenthood’s website describes erogenous zones and five phases of the “sexual response cycle” in graphic, salacious detail, wrapping up by telling teens: “Sexual pleasure can be important to our emotional and physical health and well-being.” It goes on to make bizarre claims that sexual pleasure leads to better health, increased self esteem, a more youthful appearance, better fitness, and a longer life! It characterizes sex as “play,” telling the teens, “Sex play—with or without a partner—can be a positive and powerful force in our lives. It helps us create connections to other people and it helps us enjoy our world.”

Planned Parenthood admits that it believes youth must be sexually active in order to experience “healthy human development,” and that abstinence is unrealistic. It stands to reason that Planned Parenthood sex education, which will always promote “sexual expression,” will increase sexual expression and thus increase the teen pregnancy rate.

In Hawaii, state representative Bob McDermott is challenging Planned Parenthood’s assertions that its Pono Choices curriculum is medically accurate and age appropriate. He points out that the curriculum, in keeping with the FoSE national standards, wrongly defines the anus as genitalia, naming it a “sexual anatomy part.” He further points out that homosexuality is represented in 33 percent of the sexual scenarios presented, while homosexuality is manifest in only two to four percent of the male population and one to two percent of females.

Representative McDermott’s press release points out that, after battling for 45 days for the opportunity to review the curriculum, “My review has concluded that significant portions of Pono Choices are NOT medically accurate, NOT appropriate for 11-year-old children, and [are] deliberately misleading on STDs (sexually transmitted diseases.)” The same could certainly be said of all Planned Parenthood approved curricula.

National Standards are not binding on schools. The National Sexuality Education Standards are not binding on schools, but FoSE craftily partners with other organizations that are in a position to fast-track its national standards—and from there the sex education its members and advisors publish—into the schools.

STOPP is proud to be working with parents in Arizona to keep Planned Parenthood and its repugnant sex education out of the schools. There is strength in numbers, and our publication Parent Power!! will teach you how to organize resistance to Planned Parenthood and its cohorts and get them out of your schools. Tempe and Yuma are just the first frontier in Planned Parenthood of Arizona’s bid to get its salacious sex education into Arizona schools. The time to act is now. Parents in all 50 states should beware that Planned Parenthood is advancing into schools at an unprecedented rate.