Planned Parenthood in Arizona takes young teens out of room for abusive presentation
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Planned Parenthood workers took three young teens into a room apart from their parents where they were told to indicate the ages they thought were appropriate for youth to learn about things like oral sex, masturbation, dressing sexy, petting above the waist, petting below the waist, sexting, using drugs, birth control, and more. It happened on May 20 at a workshop described in Planned Parenthood’s promotional ad as “a lively and interactive session for parents and teens.” The location was a place where children should be protected—the main library in Yuma, Arizona.

The parents in another room were tasked with the same assignment as the youth. “It was interesting to find that the children put several of these under younger ages than the adults did,” our source told the Wednesday STOPP Report. “I couldn’t imagine what kind of discussion this would promote and would be facilitated in a setting of their same-aged peers.”

Planned Parenthood employees present were Vicki Hadd-Wissler, director of education at Planned Parenthood Arizona; Kate Thomas, community sexuality educator for Planned Parenthood Arizona; and Flor Castanon, a newly hired community organizer for Planned Parenthood. Her official title, however, is PPAZ Yuma Regional Health Coordinator. She previously worked for the Yuma County Health Department. The Yuma Planned Parenthood facility recently closed its doors, but rather than leave the area, Planned Parenthood hired Castanon to build support for its depraved business in Yuma.

There was a very poor turnout at the session, since Planned Parenthood enjoys no confidence among parents in Yuma. The goal of the new community organizer is to change that. She was hired to get Planned Parenthood’s repugnant sex instruction into the area schools. She also makes abortion appointments and supplements transportation costs to Planned Parenthood facilities.

As they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And apparently Planned Parenthood wants to believe that what happens at a Planned Parenthood workshop stays at the Planned Parenthood workshop, since employees continually stressed confidentiality throughout the session.

A great deal of the talk focused on birth control, with much misinformation being disseminated. For instance, the attendees were instructed that a woman is not pregnant and a child is not created until the fertilized egg has implanted in the uterus. “They also said the Plan B pill does not cause abortions,” our source said. “They went through and passed around every possible type of birth control and were not honest with warnings. The only one they spoke of having some minor issues was the patch and they said you just ‘didn’t want to stick it near your heart.’”

Outside the workshop, children’s advocates from ALL Associate group AMEN were on hand, talking to community members and sharing one of the resources Planned Parenthood was touting inside—a book many parents are now familiar with called It’s Perfectly Normal. You can watch ALL’s exposé on this Planned Parenthood-endorsed sex book for children here. The children’s advocates stayed outside the session for a full three hours educating the public.

Even though the presentation was supposedly an educational effort not tied to Planned Parenthood’s political arm, it was reported to STOPP that Planned Parenthood employee Kate Thomas said as she was taking a photo, “I’m trying to make our social media page more interesting; it’s all about politics.”

“Interesting,” our source remarked, “that a 501(c)(3) organization can be ‘political’ especially when none of the information that was given to us came from their political action group.”

Congratulations to American Life League Associate group AMEN for organizing the educational protest and for exposing Planned Parenthood at every turn.

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