Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary -- Father Kenneth Walker
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We received the tragic news this week that a heroic pro-life priest was brutally murdered at his rectory in Phoenix, Arizona. Twenty-eight-year-old Father Kenneth Walker, F.S.S.P, was shot to death in a vicious attack on June 11. Father Joseph Terra, F.S.S.P., was critically wounded in the same attack. Recently paroled felon Gary Moran, 54, has confessed to the crime.

Both Father Walker and Father Terra have been stalwarts in defense of the preborn. The diocesan newspaper in Phoenix notes that the priests were very involved in pro-life work. “‘Every time that I went to pray during the 40 Days for Life at the abortion places, [Fr. Walker] was there with Fr. Terra,’ Bishop Olmsted said. ‘They are faithful priests, joyfully serving their people.’” The Sun also notes that Father Terra, though critically injured, “set aside his own suffering” to “administer the last rites to Father Walker.”

Jose Calzadilla, a 40 Days for Life leader in Phoenix, told the Wednesday STOPP Report,

Fr. Walker and Fr. Terra were out there for 40 Days for Life at the Phoenix and Glendale locations of Family Planning Associates (Phoenix) and Planned Parenthood (Glendale) every week. Fr. Walker helped lead the Good Friday rosary at the Glendale Planned Parenthood this past spring. They attended pro-life luncheons and rallies. Their support for the unborn came across as a natural part of their lived faith and priesthood. As a member of the pro-life community in the diocese, you just KNEW of or saw their support. No question.

Father Terra is reportedly recovering after several surgeries.

Our eternal gratitude goes to Father Walker, Father Terra, and all those priests who bring Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary. They have heard the cries of their people and have set an example for them and shepherded them, praying many rosaries outside the Planned Parenthood facilities. Please pray that Father Walker will rest in peace and Father Terra will make a full recovery.