Planned Parenthood calls abortion pill abortions 'voluntary miscarriages'
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BREAKING—STOPP has just learned from a reliable source in the York, Pennsylvania, area that several women she has spoken with recently leaving the Planned Parenthood facility have reported that they were told by Planned Parenthood staff that their medication-induced abortions that were started there are not abortions; that the women are instead having voluntary miscarriages. The women have been additionally coached by Planned Parenthood staff that if they have problems and need to go to the emergency room, they should tell the hospital staff there that they are having a miscarriage.

How very convenient for Planned Parenthood—absolving itself of liability for the harm it is doing to women. The organization merely takes the money and runs. It can’t get more back-alley or deceptive than this.

And how perfectly dismal for the women PP is injuring and abandoning. This is what Planned Parenthood really means when it says, “Care. No Matter What.”