ACTION ALERT: Think taxpayer money doesn't pay for abortion? Here is a list of 15 states where Medicaid funds abortions
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We continually hear from Planned Parenthood that government funds cannot pay for abortion. The National Network of Abortion Funds website proves Planned Parenthood is lying. It lists 15 states where Medicaid will currently pay for abortion. They are Alaska, New Jersey, California, New Mexico, Connecticut, New York, Hawaii, Oregon, Maryland, Vermont, Massachusetts, Washington, Minnesota, West Virginia, and Montana.

NNAF takes advantage of Medicaid’s preference for enrolling pregnant women by telling abortion-bound women to apply in person and say they are pregnant in order to expedite enrollment. “You do not need to tell them you are planning to have an abortion,” the website advises.

NNAF also gives readers several different ways to fund abortions for others, and features a story about a 14 year old who needs “a second chance” that will come through an abortion, they say, that costs “more than [the family’s] rent.”

It is a violation of state law in every state to have sex with someone below the age of 16. Disregarding the law, Planned Parenthood and its cohorts in the abortion industry will make sure this young girl’s sexual abuse is covered up by an abortion—funded, if not by taxpayers, then by willing donors. In the end, Planned Parenthood et al will have some extra change in their pockets and this young girl’s abuse at the hands of the person who is responsible for having sex with an underage child will be covered up. The evidence, an innocent baby, will be killed and his remains obliterated. And a unique opportunity to right the wrong being perpetrated on this adolescent will have passed, with the obligation placed on our government and those who knew of her abuse swept under the rug.

Why does government funding of Planned Parenthood persist? STOPP’s analysis of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s annual reports shows that the abortion giant admits that around 45 percent of its annual income comes from government sources. That figure has held relatively steady since 2010 at half a billion dollars. How many children have our tax dollars killed? That is a question we will never have a straight answer for. With 15 states openly using Medicaid funds to pay for abortions, it’s a cinch that the government-funded death count is thousands upon thousands.

Since Planned Parenthood relies on government sources for 45 percent of its income, it is clear that cutting off that funding would result in Planned Parenthood’s demise. Please write your state and federal legislators today and remind them that you strongly object to your tax dollars being used to pay for abortions through Medicaid and other government programs. You can find contact information here. Ask them to let you know as quickly as possible what they are personally doing to stop government funding to Planned Parenthood.