Declaring Planned Parenthood an enemy of the Church: What it means for Planned Parenthood personnel
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Some say we demonize Planned Parenthood personnel by standing outside its facilities with a sign saying “Abortion Kills.” Some say we demonize Planned Parenthood personnel by working to expose the organization’s grooming of children for sex abuse and lives of sexual chaos. Others say we demonize Planned Parenthood employees by encouraging Pope Francis to declare Planned Parenthood an enemy of the Church. Their assertions couldn’t be further from the truth.

Pope Francis said, “Let us pray to the Lord and ask Him to protect the family in the crisis with which the Devil wants to destroy it.” American Life League is answering the pope’s call with our Defend the Family campaign, a component of which asks the Holy Father to officially declare Planned Parenthood an enemy of the Church. The family is the cradle of life and the cradle of the Church. Planned Parenthood exists to rob the cradle and destroy the family. It pits itself directly against the Church in its bid to do so.

While Planned Parenthood pretends to nurture healthy families through its deadly birth control, sex instruction, and abortion agenda, it is an exemplification of the dragon of the apocalypse in the New Testament. It waits, then lunges to devour our children. If it fails at killing them by abortion, it tenaciously pursues them, luring them into the lair of sexual depravity and spiritual death. While it claims to be a champion of women, Planned Parenthood is actually the cause for their despair and death.

ALL’s Defend the Family campaign is anchored in prayer—specifically prayers for the conversion of our nation’s citizens toward the word of God and away from the life-robbing philosophies of Planned Parenthood. It includes enrollment in a spiritual bouquet for the intentions of our Holy Father.

Some would ask, then, why we want to declare Planned Parenthood personnel enemies of the Church when they need the Church—perhaps more than anyone.

The answer is simple. We do not seek to have Planned Parenthood personnel declared enemies of the Church. We pray for them to leave Planned Parenthood and amend their lives. The object of the campaign is to have institutional Planned Parenthood declared an enemy of the Church so that people will come to know and understand that: 

  1. Planned Parenthood promotes an evil agenda and is directly responsible for the death of more than six million tiny children killed in its facilities through surgical and medical abortion (and millions more through its “contraceptive” products).
  2. With its population control, perverse promiscuous sex instruction, and abortion business, Planned Parenthood acts in direct contradiction to the Catholic faith.
  3. In its attempt to use birth control and homosexual marriage as a wedge to take away religious freedom, Planned Parenthood directly attacks the Catholic Church.

We are very concerned with the souls and well-being of those who work at Planned Parenthood. This is why we pray for them without ceasing. This is why pro-life groups reach out to offer them assistance to escape the abortion industry. This is why pro-life groups on sidewalks outside Planned Parenthood act as barriers between them and those who would do them harm. Certainly, Planned Parenthood personnel are at the very forefront of those whose conversion—to the word of God from Planned Parenthood’s life-robbing philosophies—we pray for.

Over the last few years, the number of groups willing to tell the truth about Planned Parenthood has grown. Among the most powerful of those are former Planned Parenthood workers who are willing to tell the truth about what goes on behind closed doors. Many of those former employees give the credit for their escape from Planned Parenthood to loving pro-life advocates who reached out to help them find new employment, a new circle of friends, and spiritual and emotional healing from the burdens they carry as a result of their years at Planned Parenthood, and often from the burden of their own past abortions.

Good people are often easily misled and duped by Planned Parenthood. An official declaration by the pope that Planned Parenthood is an enemy of the Church would provide a high level of protection to those thinking of becoming involved with the Planned Parenthood organization through misguided compassion and lack of knowledge of what really goes on inside Planned Parenthood. The louder and more definitively the Church speaks, the more people will hear and know the truth.

Read more about our Defend the Family campaign at, and join us today in prayer and action to ask that Planned Parenthood be declared an enemy of the Church.