How to provide scientific proof that the pill kills
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Whether you are in conversation with your own doctor about the dangers of contraceptives, or someone else who is important to you, having the facts at your fingertips is essential. Being able to point to scientific facts and studies that show that the pill is objectively destructive and self-destructive could protect and change countless lives. Here are some resources that can help you shine the light of truth.

1. Post-fertilization effects of contraceptives. Is there proof that hormonal contraceptives actually take the lives of already conceived children? Yes!

Dr. Walter Larimore’s research—originally undertaken to prove that post-fertilization effects of the pill cannot cause unknown loss of already-conceived preborn babies—resulted in diametrically opposite findings, and ultimately led to Dr. Larimore’s decision to cease prescribing the pill for his patients.

The name of the study is “Postfertilization Effects of Oral Contraceptives and their Relationship to Informed Consent” and can be found in the Archives of Family Medicine, February 2000, Volume 9 Number 2, pages 126-133, March 18, 1999, American Medical Association.

2. You say the pill kills women. Prove it!

Dr. Angela Lanfranchi is a breast surgeon who deals with the fallout of birth control use in her daily practice. In her PowerPoint presentation from our national symposium on the pill, she proves that the pill is objectively destructive and documents the facts with definitive studies.

Here is a direct link to her PowerPoint presentation: Studies are cited at the bottom of several of the slides. 

You can watch her entire presentation on the home page of our website at

She also has a website devoted to the abortion/breast cancer link here:

3. When and how life begins is scientific fact, not speculation. It is not a philosophical or theological discussion. There is no wiggle room. Here are the facts.

Dr. Diane Irving is an expert on the beginning of life and the stages of fetal development. When life begins is critical to the discussion about contraceptives, since the definition of conception was officially changed to accommodate pill use. Dr. Irving relies on the Carnegie Stages, developed in 1942, which have long been the standard in embryology textbooks.

4. Artificial hormones from contraceptives pervert sexual development in marine animals and can cause a woman to be attracted to the wrong mate. Read the latest here:

“Study finds birth control pill has negative effects on lake ecosystems”

According to this article, “Right away, the male fish started to respond to the estrogen exposure by producing egg yolk proteins and shortly after that they started to develop eggs.”

“Pill Users Choose ‘Wrong’ Sex Partners”

According to this article, “A woman is sexually attracted to men who smell like a good genetic match, but birth control pills make her desire the ‘wrong’ men, a U.K. study shows.”

Planned Parenthood got its start hawking illegal contraceptives. Today, contraceptives and sex instruction are the highly-government funded neon doorways into Planned Parenthood’s $170 million dollar abortion business. Every day more women and children are destroyed. Every day, we must find ways to spread the word about the necessity of stopping all government funding to Planned Parenthood.

Contact your representatives and senators as the new members take their seats at the beginning of the year and insist that they do everything in their power to stop all government funding to Planned Parenthood and to make the abortion giant accountable for the billions in taxpayer money that have been channeled into its business.